LOKA World Tour

At the beginning of this year, JNL Team interviewed this amazing band about their singles SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE-20XX-. During this interview, the band mentioned they were going on their next World Tour. You can read the interview ‘here‘. We also reviewed both of their singles that month. Check out our reviews here: LET IT DIE -20XX- and SENSE … More LOKA World Tour

T.M.Revolution and JAM PROJECT to perform in Europe

Great news for all anime and J-music fans of Europe! Japan Music Party in Paris, France, has announced two amazing artists will join them and perform for us all in Le Trianon, on the 8th of December. The announcement was made earlier today. These two fantastic artists are: JAM PROJECT and T.M.REVOLUTION. That’s right. JAMP and … More T.M.Revolution and JAM PROJECT to perform in Europe

MORRIGAN Europe Tour

Great news for J-rock fans! MORRIGAN is coming to Europe later this year for their European tour: BLACK WING. This will be their very first Europe Tour! For those who don’t know, MORRIGAN is a relatively new VK band, that debuted in 2015. An interesting fact about the band is that all members were formerly … More MORRIGAN Europe Tour

Haru Europe Tour

More good news for Dutch and European J-music fans! Vocalist Haru from universe will come to Europe for a solo tour this summer. He will do multiple shows in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour is organized by HIGHFeeL. universe was formed in 2002, but didn’t debut until they won a competition hosted … More Haru Europe Tour

SVGV Europe Tour

Good news for European SVGV fans! The international group is gracing us with their latest European tour later this year. The group will start their tour at the end of August in France, and will end it early September in Germany. SVGV (pronounced SAGA) is an Asian Electronic dance music group formed in 2014. They are currently based … More SVGV Europe Tour