Debut: Kasotsuka Shoujo

Entertainment company Cinderella Academy has brought us a girl group with a very unique concept! The group is called Kasotsuka Shoujo (仮想通貨少女; Virtual Currency Girls), and like the name suggests, all members represent a different cryptocurrency. Aside from their interesting name concept, the girls have a very unusual outfit concept as well: All eight women … More Debut: Kasotsuka Shoujo

Debut: BuZZ

Avex and Rising Production, known for artists such as Namie Amuro, Da Pump, LEAD, w-inds and more, brought us a band new band from Japan earlier this month. They have a great vibe, individual style that is bound to keep you curious and interested. This is not your typical ‘boy band’ though, as they are … More Debut: BuZZ