Interview: SVGV

Earlier we announced that SVGV would hold their Europe tour later this August. They will start in France and end their tour in Germany. JNL Team was given the opportunity to interview these amazing artists about their upcoming tour, thanks to AVO and REALive. Before we start, we would like to thank you for taking … More Interview: SVGV

Interview: LOKA

LOKA, a Japanese alternative Hard Rock based in Tokyo, with a very unique sound, is starting off 2017 with a bang! They made their first appearance in 2012, and have since then impressed both Japanese and international fans with their original sound and unique styles. The year has only just started, but the band is … More Interview: LOKA

Interview: Versailles

In September 2016, Versailles released a best album titled The Greatet Hits 2007-2016 to hype up their fans. After reuniting together and celebrating their 9th anniversary earlier this year, the band announced they will be touring through Europe in 2017. This will mark the band’s 10th anniversary, as well as their third time in Europe. Despite … More Interview: Versailles

Manga Artists

Many of our readers love Manga and Anime, and I’m sure many of you own at least one Manga volume, or have watched at least one episode of an anime before. Maybe you’ve seen fanart of your favorite anime character, or maybe you actually draw your own OCs in a style similar to the animes … More Manga Artists