27-01-16 t/m 07-02-16 Internationaal Film Festival Rotterdam [Website]
06-02-16 Otaku Cosplay Weekend in Rotterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
06-02-16 SHIBUYA PARTY in Rotterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
06-02-16 DDr EXP V3 in Alphen aan den Rijn [Website] [Facebook event]
11-02-16 t/m 12-02-16 Phil Jimenez and Steve Scott Signing in Amsterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
13-02-16 We Love Japan in Rotterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
13-02-16 Concert: Arcadium 14 in Zwolle [Website] [Facebook event]
14-02-16 Tsunacon 2016 in Rotterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
14-02-16 Kimono Lezing & Japanse volksliedjes in Groningen [Facebook event]
19-02-16 Concert: EINDBAAS 19½ in Utrecht [Website] [Facebook event]
26-02-16 t/m 28-02-16 Hearth’s Warming Con in Hoofddorp [Website] [Facebook event]
27-02-16 Algemene Leden Vergadering BAGGER 2016 in Zuidbroek [Website] [Facebook event]
27-02-16 FormulaCOSPLAY in Rotterdam [Facebook event]
28-02-16 Cosplay / Game / Anime Meeting Bazaar in Beverwijk [Facebook event]

05-03-16 Cosplay Meet in Bonami Spelcomputermuseum in Zwolle [Facebook event]
11-03-16 t/m 13-02-16 Made In Asia in Brussel (BE) [Website] [Facebook event]
12-03-16 t/m 13-03-16 Gothic & Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk [Website] [Facebook event]
12-03-16 Cosplay meeting in Arnhem [Facebook event]
19-03-16 Osharecon 2016 in Nieuwegein [Website] [Facebook event]
20-03-16 Retro SpelComputer Beurs in Apeldoorn [Website] [Facebook event]
26-03-16 Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht [Website] [Facebook event]

02-04-16 t/m 0-04-16 F.A.C.T.S. in Gent [Website] [Facebook event]
03-04-16 After pasen cosplay meet in Leiden [Facebook event]
03-04-16 Ohanami de Japanse Tuin in Hasselt (BE) [Website] [Facebook event]
06-04-16 Concert van G∀LMET in Eindhoven
09-04-16 en 10-04-16 Tomocon 2016 in Oss [Website] [Facebook event]
09-04-16 Concert van NIA (New Improve Ansia) op Tomocon in Oss [Website] [Facebook event]
16-04-16 Manga & Cosplay Festival Spring in de Japanse Tuin in Hasselt (BE) [Website] [Facebook event]
30-04-16 t/m 01-05-16 DoKomi 2016 in Düsseldorf (DE) [Website] [Facebook event]
23-04-16 t/m 24-04-16 Elfia Haarzuilens 2016 in Haarzuilens [Website] [Facebook event]

30-04-16 t/m 01-05-16 DoKomi 2016 in Düsseldorf (DE) [Website] [Facebook event]
07-05-16 t/m 08-05-16 Lolita event Under the Sea in Amsterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
07-05-16 Concert:Final Fantasy Symphony in Amsterdam [Website] [Facebook event]
18-05-16 Concert: Girugamesh in Utrecht
21-05-16 Cosplay meeting in Emmen [Facebook event]
28-05-16 SQUEEKERS 2nd edition in Rotterdam [Website] [Facebook event]

04-06-16 Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival in Groningen [Website] [Facebook event]
10-06-16 t/m 12-06-15 Anime 2016 in Den Haag [Website]
11-06-16 t/m 12-06-16 MCM Comic Con in Brussel (BE) [Website]
25-06-16 Konnichiwa minicon in Enschede [Website] [Facebook event]

02-07-16 Antwerp Convention #6 in Antwerpen (BE) [Website][Facebook event]
07-07-16 t/m 10-07-16 Japan expo 2016 in Parij (FR) [Website] [Facebook event]
09-07-16 Fantasy meeting & fair in Coevorden [Facebook event]
22-07-16 t/m 29-07-16 Camping Cosplay Meet 8 in Ommen [Website] [Facebook event]
29-07-16 t/m 31-07-15 Hallyucamp 2016 in Austerlitz (vlak bij Zeist) [Website] [Facebook event]

04-08-16 t/m 05-08-16 Castlefest 2016 in Lisse [Website] [Facebook event]
26-08-16 t/m 28-08-16 Abunai! 2016: Beyond the stars! in Veldhoven [Website]
27-08-16 t/m 28-08-16 Amsterdam Comic Con in Amsterdam [Website]

03-09-16 Manga & Cosplay Festival Fall in de Japanse Tuin in Hasselt (BE) [Website] [Facebook event]
16-09-16 t/m 16-09-16 Connichi 2016 in Kassel (DE) [Website] [Facebook event]

15-10-16 Imagicon 3.0 [Website] [Facebook event]
22-10-16 t/m 23-10-16 FACTS 2016 in Gent (BE) [Website] [Facebook event]
29-10-16 Halloween Meeting in Leeuwarden [Facebook event]

Nog niks…

10-12-16 14de Midwinter Fair in Alphen aan den Rijn [Website] [Facebook event]


Source: Softijshamster Event Kalender


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