Mikaru Europe Tour 2019

Good news for Mikaru fans! A new Europe tour has been announced, and a total of 6 dates have been announced so far. During the tour, Mikaru will not only perform his music for his fans, but show his amazing paintings and artwork through Expos, as well as his new Jewelry Collection! So if you’re interested in his artwork or jewelry collection, you can go check it out!


Even better news is that the tour and expos take place in April! So that’s pretty fast, and tickets are already on sale. So be sure to buy your tickets while you still can!

Tour dates and locations:

  • April 5th, Netherlands, Dordrecht at Special Edition.
  • April 6th, France, Paris at Le Quartier Général.
  • April 7th, Belgium, Liège at Le Garage.
  • April 10th, Germany, Cologne at Tsunami Club.
  • April 13th, France, Toulon at Mang’Azur.
  • April 14th, France, Lyon at La Marquise.

For most locations, tickets have already gone on sale. You can find links to the sales on the official HIGHFeel Website.  Some locations still haven’t started selling tickets yet, however, so keep an eye out on the website for more information about those locations and their ticket sales. Or ask HIGHFeel for an update.

For Dutch fans, some quick info: Tickets will cost about €10.- and allows you access to the venue for the concert, as well as the exhibition of his art and jewelry. The show starts around 19:00, and ends around 22:30. You can buy the tickets here:

Ticket sale NL concert

All dates listed above will have a concert as well as the exposition of his artwork and reveal of his new Jewelry Collection, so be sure to stick around to enjoy the full experience!

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