Haru Europe Tour

More good news for Dutch and European J-music fans! Vocalist Haru from universe will come to Europe for a solo tour this summer. He will do multiple shows in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour is organized by HIGHFeeL.

universe was formed in 2002, but didn’t debut until they won a competition hosted by Lotte and Sony Music. They beat out 5000 other contesters, and earned the right to debut under Sony Music. Their debut song is called Haruiro, which was then used as the commercial son for Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate.

Aside from this, universe is best known for their song Echoes, which is the ending theme for the anime BLEACH.

Haru recorded a video message to his Dutch fans and those coming to Abunai! Con. In the video he expresses his happiness about performing in the Netherlands and some other fun things, so be sure to check it out below:

Here is a list to all the dates and locations for Haru’s Europe tour:

August 19 – Essen, Germany

August 20 – Berlin, Germany

August 23 – Lille, France

August 25 – Paris, France

August 26 – Veldhoven, the Netherlands (Abunai! Con)

August 27 – Liege, Belgium.

For more information about the tour, you can go to HIGHFeeL’s official website.


If you’re interested in buying tickets for any of the concerts, you can buy them online from the venues or other ticket websites.


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