SVGV Europe Tour

Good news for European SVGV fans! The international group is gracing us with their latest European tour later this year. The group will start their tour at the end of August in France, and will end it early September in Germany.


SVGV (pronounced SAGA) is an Asian Electronic dance music group formed in 2014. They are currently based in Los Angeles. The group exists of three members: RAMY (South Korea), TRIRION (AKA RIO; Japan) and PEACH (China).

TRIRION wanted to connect countries through music, and decided to hold auditions in China and South Korea. This is where he first discovered RAMY and Kevin. Despite the tense times and relationships between these countries, he formed SAGA, which was later changed to SVGV.

Despite only having been formed in 2014, SVGV has completed multiple world tours! These tours consisted of a total of 150 shows in more than 70 different cities around the world. And now have paired up once more with HIGHFeeL for another Europe tour titled: “Further than ever World Tour”. The group has worked with HIGHFeeL before, as it is the origanisation that first brought the group to Europe in 2014.

Due to administrative problems PEACH will not be able to join the others.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

SVGV will be performing a total of 8 shows in 4 different countries. Sadly, the Netherlands will not get a show this time. Below a list of SVGV’s tour dates and destinations:

August 26th  – Pontarlier, in France
August 27th  – Liege, in Belgium
September 1st  – Lille, in France
September 2nd  – Saint-Quay-Portrieux, in France
September 3rd  – Paris, in France
September 8th  – Poznan, in Poland
September 9th  – Warsaw, in Poland
September 10th  – Berlin, in Germany

You can buy your tickets for any of these shows online, so be sure you check them out!


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