B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

Ever since the anime got announced, we have been pumped up for it. Following it through every stage, we finally watched it. The main reason for us is that is has been co-produced by T.M.Revolution. The anime is about a group of guys under the name B-Project. Besides B-project they form three sub units known as THRIVE, MoonS and Kitakore. During the anime you are following them on their way to success and what the idol life could be like.


In the first three episodes you get to know the groups separate, one episode with KitaKore, one with MoonS and one with THRIVE. All of them have a different adventure and you get a good impression about the characters and the struggles they have, personally and as a group to break through as an idol.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor b-project kodou ambitious tm revolutionMy favorite episode was number four. And the reason is very simple, memories and T.M.Revolution himself. To explain this I will go back to JNL’s team vacation in Japan in 2015. Each year T.M.Revolution holds a festival in his birthplace, it’s called Inazuma Rock Festival. Each year a wide variety of artists will perform, this can be from the GAZETTE to AKB48. It takes place in Shiga and is usually around the same weekend of T.M.Revolution’s own birthday.
In the fourth episode B-Pro is invited by T.M.Revolution himself, his anime name is Nishiyama Takori while he’s real name is Nishikawa Takanori~ So almost the same but not entirely~. Anyway, he invites them to his own Festival called RAIZEN, and the way the stage has been build and the crowds have been divided, its just Inazuma Rock fes all over~ I got really excited by that. Another thing T.M.Revolution is known for his outfit of his successful song HOT LIMIT. And in the anime, it’s the same one. So another nice thing for his fans. Unfortunately he doesn’t really have his own song during that episode but still easter eggs galore.

Their manager Sakutaro Yashamaru, who I thought was fabulous, is a jerk first class TT^TT. He was with the boys since the beginning, as sees them as his precious children (which is okay) but in trying to project them, he secretly switches agencies and without informing them, he announced that B-Project will change. And then he locks them up in some kind of luxury hotel, without their phones, to have them focus on the DOME concert.. which he cancels for them? I mean… what the heck? If you want to see them grow, why would you cancel the dome concert?! And he is very hateful against Tsubasa, saying her parent killed his, and then we don’t get any explanation what so ever….?! So that made no sense, and still doesn’t!

And to end the anime off, with the boys deciding to stay with their company and do the dome concert, they came in flying, while Tsubasa is in tears sitting alone watching the empty stage, seeing no-one. Which is dramatic but a little over the top..? And then we switch to the real deal.

Overall, the anime is enjoyable, but nothing spectacular, the best part for me was episode four and although it might not be as popular as Uta no Prince-sama, I prefer B-Project over that anime. So if I would rate it it would be a 7/10. You get sucked into the anime really well, the animations are perfect, voices when singing are eargasm worthy but the plot isn’t outstanding.

Apparently at the end of this year, there will be a game release under the name B-project: Muteki*Dangerous. It will be an iOS/Android system and other than that not much information has been released yet! So stay tuned for that!

In case you want more, but don’t want to wait for the game, there is a manga currently in the make. The manga will be about THRIVE and a unit called KILLER KING. It’s published monthly in the magazine Cheese!

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Review by: Tris


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