TMR: Ryoga – Believe In Magic

JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

June 2017 review.

Album/Single: Believe In Magic

Artist: Ryoga (龍雅)

Review by: Mariëlle.

Japanese boy group Ryoga has returned this year with their fourth single Believe In Magic! The 5 member boy group debuted in 2015 under Avex, and have been working hard to expand their fanbase. Their latest single was released on June 14, in two versions: a Regular and Limited Edition. The single has 3 great songs to hype you up.

The title track is Believe In Magic, an exciting and fun-packed song. It’s used as the ending theme for YU-GI-OH! VRAINS. It reminded me a bit of western songs in the beginning, but the chorus screams anime. I can understand why it was picked as the ending theme for an anime, but would not have guessed it to be for YU-GI-OH!.

Watch the MV for Believe In Magic here:

SUPERNOVA is simply badass from the beginning. I believe it sounds like it could be a great film or anime theme. Love the vocals in this a little more than in Believe in Magic. SUPERNOVA has a different style from the title track, which makes it an interesting listen. The song will be used as the ending theme to a film called 星降る夜のペット.

Watch the short version of the SUPERNOVA MV here:

The Chosen One is the final track, and probably my favorite song on the single. It’s just so mysterious and thrilling. Most of the song is in Japanese, obviously, but there is some English too. The pronunciation of the English lyrics in the song is decent, so it’s quite easy to understand the words and sentences they’re singing in this language. I think the title already sparks your interest, and the song really fits well with the title: it is a song that really represents the ups and down of being ‘a chosen one’ like you’d read about in books. I love it, it’s a great song.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Overall I think the single is really nice. All songs are different, but they fit a badass theme together. As a single, all songs are combined nicely, but seperately they’re still amazing songs. I really like their concept for this single, and think they did a geat job delivering these songs to the public.

If you’re interested in buying Ryoga’s (龍雅) newest single Believe In Magic, click one of the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition



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