Debut: BuZZ

Avex and Rising Production, known for artists such as Namie Amuro, Da Pump, LEAD, w-inds and more, brought us a band new band from Japan earlier this month. They have a great vibe, individual style that is bound to keep you curious and interested. This is not your typical ‘boy band’ though, as they are not just dancing vocalists but an actual band! This band is called BuZZ, not to be mistaken for the Korean band of the same name.

BuZZ exists of 9 members and debuted on the 21st of June, 2017 with their very first single LEAN ON ME.


BuZZ’s very first single is called LEAN ON ME. It was released in 3 versions; a CD Only and two CD+DVD versions. All three come with 2 songs and their instrumentals. The DVD versions have a regular or Blue Ray edition of the LEAN ON ME music video.

The title track, LEAN ON ME, is an upbeat and fun song. It is used as the ending theme for a Fuji TV drama called: Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (櫻子さんの足下には死体が埋まっている; A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet or also known as Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation). From the first second, the guitars and bass grab your attention, and once the vocalists start singing you will be hooked. I really like the energy of the song and the members of BuZZ.

The music video for LEAN ON ME was released on Youtube on June 16. Within the first week it gained over 35.000 views, and managed to already have both domestic (Japanese) and foreign fans.

You can watch the video for LEAN ON ME here:

Each of the members looks distinctively different, but their individual looks and styles fit really well together. The same goes for their voices, they’re all different but blend in perfectly.

The second song is called CHOO SEXY, and it’s an incredibly catchy song. The lyrics alone are catchy enough for someone to take an interest in the song. The song has a sexy summer festival vibe. Just be sure to watch it out cuz you’re burning up.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

As mentioned before, BuZZ exists out of 9 members total with 5 vocalists, two guitarists, a Bass player and a drummer. It’s a little hard to find information about the band because of the band name (Buzz is a fairly common word in the English language and also the name of various characters such as Buzz Lightyear), and because of how new they are in the music scene. On top of this, even the bios on their official website is incomplete. Due to these reasons, we don’t have full bios on all the members, but we tried to find out as much as we could for you!

The members are:

Fukuzawa Yuu, 福澤 侑, born in Nagoya on October 19th, 1995. Vocalist.

Yuushi, 勇士, born on june 6th, 1994. Vocalist.

Shimizu Kenta, 清水謙太, born on August 3rd, vocalist.

KENSUKE, born on February 17th, vocalist

Ü-SAY, born on November 5th, vocalist.

Misawa Heiwa, 三澤 平和, born febuary 25th, guitarist

motty, Hashimoto Ken, 橋本 賢, guitarist

TOME, born November 3rd in Nagoya, bassist

Eno Masafumi, エノ マサフミ, drummer.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Being a new group, the members of BuZZ and their agency are trying to promote themselves as well as they can. Be sure to check out their official twitter account, their private twitter accounts, official website and other contact information below:

Official Website

Official Twitter ‘Band’

Official Twitter ‘vocals’


Shimizu Kenta

Fukuzawa Yuu



Eno Masafumi


Misawa Heiwa


foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Judging by their very first single and the quality of their music, we are most excited to see what else these amazing guys will bring us in the future. We truly enjoyed their single, their style and energy, and will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future! Hopefully, you will too.

Congratulations from JNL Team to these wonderful guys and their single, and we hope to see more fun and exciting releases soon.

If you’re interested in buying Buzz’s debut single LEAN ON ME, please click one of the links below:

CD Only

Limited Edition (DVD)

Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

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