Special Review: Choutokkyuu – Chou Nebagiba DANCE

Album/Single: Chou Nebagiba DANCE (超ネバギバ DANCE; Super never give up DANCE)

Artist: Choutokkyuu (超特急; Bullet Train)

Review by: Mariëlle

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Choutokkyuu, AKA Bullet Train, released their latest single Chou Nebagiba DANCE on the 26th of April. This is their 12th single, and comes in two versions: A regular Edition and a Deluxe Edition. The regular edition comes with 2 tracks, and the Deluxe Edition includes 3 tracks and a bonus Blu-ray DVD that features parts from their BULLET TRAIN CHRISTMAS ONEMAN SHOW 2016 Aisu in Wonder Land, which was held at Yoyogi National Stadium.

Ah, Choutokkyuu, JNL Team’s favorite Duracel monkey heart-throbs. God, do we like these guys. They’re so energetic and fun to watch and listen to, hence why we have officially dubbed them (our) Duracel Monkeys. On top of this, these guys are quite handsome! And now they’re back with their newest single, Chou Nebagiba DANCE.

The first song is the title track: Chou Nebagiba DANCE (超ネバギバ DANCE; Super never give up DANCE). This is just one big party, it’s fantastic! The intro is so much fun, and the refrains are a great lead to the chorus. But the chorus is where the real fun starts; this song makes you want to jump jump along with the guys. Even the ending of the song is super catchy and fun. Basically, a great song in general.

Watch the music video for Chou Nebagiba DANCE (超ネバギバ DANCE; Super never give up DANCE) here:

The second song is gr8est journey. This song is upbeat and the chorus basically screams ‘boyband’ to me; in a good way, of course. The members voices blend in well together and seem to be made for the music. What I like about this song the most is the feeling it gives you when you listen to it. It’s so cute and happy, you instantly feel good. I think I like this song the most, it’s just so nice.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Overall, I really love the single. All the songs are so energetic and fun to listen to. It’s exactly what you’re expect from the boys of Choutokkyuu; It’s lively and entertaining. I think they granted us another great single, and I really recommend anyone – old or new fans – to listen to this single. It will cheer you up in a second, and make you forget about a bad day.

If you’re interested in buying Choutokkyuu’s new single, Chou Nebagiba DANCE, please click the links below:

Regular Edition

Deluxe Edition



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