Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation

84460lTo celebrate the start of a new generation, Tris decided to review the first two episodes. Just to give our readers a taste of what they can expect. Boruto is the son of the super famous Naruto, we got introduced with him earlier through his own special movie, where we learned that Hinata and Naruto finally ended up together, Sakura finally tricked Sasuke (just joking, he just admitted his feelings for her~) and having a child named Sarada and even Orochimaru has a son; Mitsuki. The three of them are one team and together they are going to face the Shinobi school.

Boruto the next Generation is currently airing. As of this review the first six episodes have been released. It’s a weekly release schedule.

The first episode starts of far in the future, where Boruto is fighting someone, after that the intro song starts playing. Denki is a boy Boruto runs into, when he is on his way home, and sees him being bullied by others. Boruto decides to help him out and saves him. The two spend the whole day together until the evening. We learn that Denki is a kind guy, who is being forced to go to the academy, because his father fought in the Great War, and demands that his heir will be a shinobi as well. After trying to talk his father, Denki sadly walks to his own room, and gets bitten by a shadow snake. Making him to seek strength, to show his father, he is strong. Denki, being possessed, wants to get back at the bullies and hijacks a train with them, Boruto who is on his way to the first day of the academy, happened to spot them, jumps on the same train and when Denki tells them there’s another train on a collision course he interferes. It takes him a while to talk into Denki, after that Boruto changed the train tracks to save everyone. And while all that happened, the speed of the train makes the last cart fall off, and they let the bullies go into the second cart, which they detached so it slowly will stop. When the boys asked why they aren’t jumping on it they say “We have to go somewhere else” and speed up the train faster heading off into the direction of the Academy. While they are training their way to the Academy, we get a view of the academy with all its new students and their names. When they call Boruto’s name, the train pops up, flying full speed towards the Hokage heads in the wall. And of course it hits the Naruto head… Which is kinda surprising, I know that Boruto hates his dad, for not being there a lot of times, and that he is doing his own thing, just to annoy Naruto, and though Naruto was always drawing on the heads… driving a train into it is the whole new level, okay, Naruto didn’t have a train to fly into it…

In the second episode Denk turns into assistent, that keeps track of data and learning all the Shinobi things, like things as Chakra. It seems that after the Great War shinobi’s have died off as a way, consider how many ‘normal’ children are introduced in the first episode. This episode we get to know the power bully Iwabe, who has failed graduation twice already and now bullies the younger ones for some quietness while he naps in class. And of course Boruto ends up fighting him, the reason Iwabe is failing, is because he can’t study and only have his power and skills in Ninjutsu, which is only a small part of graduation nowadays. In the end, Iwabe learns a lot of new things and they became friends~ It’s a lot of exploring’s Boruto’s character in this one, why did he accepted the fight and how others view him.

For me personally, I’ve been done with Naruto a long time ago, not because of the bad anime or story just because of all the fillers in the anime. I switched to the manga and I liked how it ended.  But Naruto is for those who grew up with it, and Boruto is as it said, for the Next Generation. I’m sure alot of Naruto fans will check it out, and I recommend it. So far the movie was entertaining, and the first two episodes as well. And if it ever gets done airing and I’m not bored with all the fillers, I will definitely will be reviewing the full story, as many things are still left unsaid.


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