Biri Gyaru


Bigi Gyaru is about a young girl Sayaka Kudo (played by Kasumi Arimura) she is a 2nd grade high school student, with the intelligence of a 4th grade elementary school student.  Since she was young, Sayaka couldn’t connect well with other children, until her mother let her transfer to a different school (where you could do anything), encouraged by her mother to enjoy her life and keep on playing, Sayaka tend to do just that.

However during her schooldays Sayaka quickly learns that enjoying and playing your youth away isn’t what will help you after school. In order to set her goal, she enters a private school where she starts from the bottom (4th grade) to catch up to the level she has to be for college. There her new teacher is using encouragement to make her become passionate about studying, having someone else believe in her, motivates Sayaka to accept the challenge. Sayaka is a kind and spirited person that gets ignored by her father for being born as a girl. Her younger brother is his favorite and he tries to pressure the son into a career as professional baseball player, something he once dreamed of being when he was younger. Her mother supports Sayaka and her sister as much as possible. Her support goes so far, that she even takes on more jobs so she can pay for private lessons for the girls. Having a family broken apart gives a realistic feeling to the movie, and makes you cheer for Sayaka even more, just to show the father that she can do it.

Other than the relationships this movie doesn’t have a lot of story besides the struggles, but nevertheless I think it keeps your attention to watch it till the end. Personally I was surprised by the summary and the film itself, it was slightly different, but it had the overall story. I think that if you are having some problems or gave up your goal (or feel like giving up) this is a good movie. I realize it’s been acted but the truth behind it stays there, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. And though the road may not be easy and you will face a lot of difficulties, don’t give up!

I enjoyed the acting and how the characters changed overtime in the film, it didn’t feel to fast, like it really took a lot of time to adjust, while it’s only a film of two hours. Some characters are a little useless and only there as filler material, but they did a good job on the acting as well. The only thing that keeps me wondering is the fact that with her current age she didn’t learn ANYTHING. Even if you wouldn’t be forced to pass exams, I can’t imagine to be that dumb, but for the story we just accept it.

Make sure to try out and watch this movie, and if you already seen it, let us know what you think in the comments.

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Review by: Tris


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