TMR: The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY – Pelo

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April 2017 review.

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Album/Single: Pelo

Artist: The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY

Review by: Mariëlle

The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY is, as you probably guessed, the new name of the group formerly known as LADYBABY. Yes, very original. I don’t quite understand why they chose to change their name, and certainly not to something so silly and long, but at least it’s clear who they are.

The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY has had a short but good career so far; they obviously started out as LADYBABY with their song Nippon Manju, which went viral back in 2015. The group is known for their ‘kawaiicore’, which makes them a somewhat unique force in the music industry.

As LADYBABY, the group had sold out shows in New York and Los Angeles in the USA, Cologne in Germany and were guests at Hyper Japan in London.

The group originally existed of Kaneko Rie, Kuromiya Rei and LADYBEARD, the crossdressing wrestler. In 2016, the members went their separate ways, and now it’s just Rie and Rei. In order to reflect on the lineup change, the duo changed their name to The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY. In my opinion they never had to change their name, and this was probably the worst decision they could have ever made. Honestly, what is up with that long name?

Anyway, the two wonderful ladies are back with a new single called Pelo! Pelo is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of licking or slurping. Along with this title comes the feisty message: “Underestimate me and you’ll get licked”.

The single was released on April 12th and comes in two versions: A regular edition with 3 new songs, and three off vocal versions of those same songs, and a limited edition which includes 2 new songs, their off vocal versions and a DVD.

The single is out globally, and for foreign (non Japanese) fans, a special bundle will be released. It will include an exclusive A3 poster, a t-shirt and a download card. You can buy this special edition through JPU Records.

The first track is the title track: Pelo. It starts off with the girls whispering the word Pelo multiple times. But then the real music starts and you’re blown away by the intense noise. If you’re not familiar with their work, this sudden change in style will definitely surprise you. The girls have a really cute voice, which is such a huge difference from the music, which is very heavy metal. The chorus of the song is great, it’s very catchy.

You can watch the MV for Pelo here:

The second track is LADY BABY BLUE, which is a lot calmer than Pelo. The song has some nice bass and guitar providing a nice rhythm. The vocals come out a lot better in this song as well, and sound more mature than in Pelo. The chorus is a little boring, as it is pretty much just the girls repeating “LADY BABY BLUE”  a bunch of times.

You can watch the MV for LADY BABY BLUE here:

Easter Bunny is the final track, which is a very interesting song to listen to. It’s very catchy, and the combination of the cute elements with metal isn’t bothersome. It is very well put together. I think this is my favorite song from the single, it’s really great to listen to.

You can watch the MV for Easter Bunny here:

One of the things that confused me a little was the male voice. Since Ladybeard is no longer part of the group, and only Rei and Rie are supposedly in this group, who is the male voice you hear in the Pelo track?

Overall I think the single is really nice. Both songs are extremely different but they’re really cool songs, and totally worth a listen. Especially the title track, Pelo, is a very interesting song and I think that anyone who is looking for something different from ‘the mainstream girl groups’ will definitely find this worth their while.

If you’re interested in buying The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY’s single Pelo, please click on the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

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