Special Review: Kensho Ono – Against The Wind

Album/Single: Against The Wind

Artist: Kensho Ono (小野 賢章)

Review by: Mariëlle

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Kensho Ono returns to the music scene with his latest single, Against The Wind. The single was released on April 5th in two versions: An Artist Edition and an Anime Edition. The Anime Edition is a CD only edition, while the Artist Edition comes with a DVD. The single has two brand new songs for us, and a new MV.

The first song is the title track, Against The Wind. It’s used as a theme for the Kuroko no Basket: LAST GAME anime. Kensho Ono has sung multiple songs for the Kuroko no Basket anime already and is actually the voice actor of Kuroko no Basket’s main character, Kuroko Tetsuya. He reprised his role as Tetsuya in KnB: LAST GAME as well.

The intro of the song is in English, and I think the pronunciation of the words is quite decent, which I did not expect at first. I really like the song, the music is great and powerful, and Kensho’s voice is awesome. The song has a very obvious ‘anime vibe’, and I can understand why they would choose it for Kuroko no Basket. I also think the song is so exciting, it really invites you to sing along.

You can watch the Short Version of the MV here:

The second and last new song is called FIRE FIRE, and boy does this song fire you up. From the first second, the beat is absolutely epic. Kensho sings catchy lines and I simply couldn’t sit still while listening to this song. It’s not only incredibly catchy and fun to listen to, but the lyrics are so easy to sing along to, you simply have to sing the lines.

Image result for kensho ono against the wind

I love the whole single, simple as that. While there’s only two songs on it, both are catchy and fun to listen to. Against The Wind is an exciting song with great guitar work, and it’s very easy to sing along to.

I hadn’t heard much of Kensho Ono before this single, but I really like his voice. It’s very pleasant to listen to, and he gives the songs something ‘extra’ that made me enjoy the songs even more. Personally, I think this is one of the best singles I have heard this entire year, and I simply had to share my thoughts about it with all of you.

Overall, both songs are incredibly fun and awesome, so well done Kensho Ono! I truly recommend everyone who reads this to give it a shot if you haven’t heard the songs yet.

If you’re interested in buying Kensho Ono’s new single, Against The Wind, please click the links below:

Anime Edition

Artist Edition


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