Special Review: Sexy Zone – ROCK THA TOWN

Album/Single: ROCK THA TOWN

Artist: Sexy Zone

Review by: Mariëlle

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Sexy Zone is a 5 member boy group with a name inspired by Michael Jackson’s sexiness. The boys debuted in 2011 under PONY CANYON.

Sexy Zone released their 13th single, ROCK THA TOWN, on the 29th of March, 2017. The single was released on 3 different versions, a Regular Edition, and two Limited Editions. All three versions come with 3 new songs, yet all of them have a different 3rd track. The regular edition has SLOW JAM, as the third track, Limited Edition Type A has Kimi Rashikunai Ichinichi Wo Boku To (君らしくない一日をボクと), and Limited Edition Type B has Saa Waratte (さあ笑って). We will be reviewing the regular edition.

ROCK THA TOWN is the title track of this single, and is used as the CM for AOKI Freshers. ROCK THA TOWN is a funky and happy song, from the first tune I felt very excited and had to listen until the end. The song reminded me a little of a few LEAD songs. I really like the song, and I recommend it to everyone.

Stand up! Speak out! is the second song. I really enjoyed this song a lot, it’s very cute and rich in sound. I love the many different instruments you can hear in the song, and the overall style is great. Stand up! Speak out! is used for Haru no Koko Volley Ball Tournament in 2017.

SLOW JAM is the final track and I think the title really fits this song’s genre. It’s a lot slower than the other two songs, but has a nice beat. The members’ vocals really shine through in this song, and I can imagine this being a great song to hear live. I think SLOW JAM can really bring you into the Sexy Zone. Get it? Never mind.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Overall, I think this is a really great single. The songs are funky and fun to listen to, and you can really feel the effort the guys put into this single. Anyone who is interested in Jpop or is looking for a new group to listen to, I suggest trying out Sexy Zone’s ROCK THA TOWN and any of their older releases. They’re a great group and deserve the recognition and love.

If you’re interested in buying Sexy Zone’s new single, ROCK THA TOWN, please click the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition Type A

Limited Edition Type B


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