Special Review: D-lite D-Day album

Album/Single: D-Day

Artist: D-lite / Kang Daesung

Review by: Tris

On the 12th of April, member Daesung of BIGBANG or D-lite in Japan, released his mini album D-Day. The album comes in three different versions a CD, CD+DVD and a play button. The albums have a tracklist of 7 songs, including songs composed by ayaka, Hata Motohiro and Ikimonogakari’s Mizuno Yoshiki.


1. Intro (君へ)
2. D-Day
4. The Sign
5. ハルカゼメロディ
6. 近未来
7. Anymore

The intro Kimie starts of with a drum solo, slowly building up to the moment D-lite‘s soft voice start the sing. Through the whole song the moment is building, from a slow drum, to the add of D-lite’s voice and slowly more instruments start to join. Higher and higher with the notes. However I’m confused, as the lyrics contains both Japanese and Korean and I can’t point it out in the song. It really fits his power voice though. Kimie is definitely a good beginning for this album.

The second song is D-Day, which has a music video release and is the title track of this mini album. The beat is very nice to listen too, this song displays very well why D-lite is a great singer. When he needs to, he can get those powerful notes and an explosion of sound coming from him. It’s wonderful to listen to! D-Day is a song that gets you energic and make you feel that you own the world, and basically throw those doors open and enjoy the new spring and summer weather~ It’s a bit too much for a description right? But that is how I feel when I listen to this song. The lyrics is about making a new start, saying that today is D-Day, and that even though it’s with sadness, there is someone with him. The light shines brighter. So yes I think the lyrics and the feeling the music gives you, make a complete picture all together. Make sure to watch his music video below!

Third song time! It’s VENUS. It’s an upbeat song, fast forward, making you feel the music. The song starts with a countdown and then it really begins. The rhythm is perfect. It has a rocky feel to it; Rough yet playful. The song is about the love that represents VENUS. I don’t think the lyrics stand out, but the music makes up for it. This is a song that easily gets stuck in your head and makes you want to listen to it more.  The change of beat between the fast paced and some of the slow paced parts are going fluently. So it’s really well done.

After VENUS it’s time to go back to a slower song, called the sign. It’s more dramatic than some of the other songs. This is a sad song with a dark, eerie feeling. He keeps it down until the chorus and goes full out with his ability. This song feels more personal and connects with you. I’m not sure where The sign stands for, but the rest of the lyrics give me both motivation as a sad feeling. Its strange. Not a bad song, and a lot more down to earth that the others. Once again it display’s D-lite’s beautiful voice.

The fifth song is Harukaze Melody, which is the total opposite of the sign. It’s a song about love. And the lyrics are super lovey dovey. It’s about not being sad when you’re apart with your lover because the sun is warm enough. It took me a little while to recognize the kind of music, and I think this genre of music is often used as ending theme for a romantic drama~ I like the song, the lyrics not so much but it’s not one my favorites on this album.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Kinmirai is the 6th song on the tracklist and it starts off with a nice beat. It gives you a dreamy feeling. The lyrics start of with reminiscing the old days and then switching back to pursuing dreams. The beats fits perfectly. Wonderful song.

Last but not least is Anymore. The 7th track. And god what a way to end an album. It’s a slow, dramatic sad song with a heavy feeling. The lyrics are quite depressing yet beautiful, and just a perfect ending, for a general happy upbeat album.

I love D-lite’s voice, always have, and I’m not that big a fan of most of his songs because a lot of his songs are ballads. However this album is great; not just the music, but his voice is music to you ears. Personally I’m glad he did a solo comeback, and I can’t wait to hear more from him. If you haven’t listened to the album do it! It’s worth it!

If you’re interested in buying D-lite’s new album, please click the links below.

CD version

CD + DVD version


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