MV Review: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Easta


MV/Song: Easta (良すた; Iisuta, Easter)

Artist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ)

Review by: Mariëlle

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is here to wish you a fantastic Easter holiday with her newest single Easta (Iisuta)! The single was released on April 5th, and was released in two different versions: a regular edition and a limited edition. Easta makes for Kyary’s 14th single.

The video starts with different clay bunnies making music; they’re drumming, playing trumpet and other instruments. The song’s intro is very interesting, I like it. It’s a bit of a ‘medieval remix’ of some kind. Then Kyary is literally shot out of an egg, and she starts singing, while walking through an army of peasant-eggs that wave at her as if she is their Queen. There are even eggs with a military hat on, saluting her, indicating some of those colorful weird clay eggs are part of an actual army. But it gets better; as Kyary turns around to look back at the castle, you see that the king and queen are also eggs and they are crying for her leaving them. Does this mean they are her parents? Oh dear.

Then suddenly something moves a large fan that blows all the eggs away, and Kyary is seen holding half of an eggshell to protect herself from all the other eggs that fly past her. When those eggs hit the floor and break, you see their egg yolk coming out and dripping on the floor. It’s kind of gross. The egg yolk and egg whites are actually all the same color as the eggs though, that was a bit weird.

Once the chorus appears for the second time, Kyary is seen ‘ballet-dancing’ with two large and creepy, pink, tutu-wearing eggs. Yes, eggs wearing a tutu.

Then after the chorus, the setting changes to some kind of apocalyptic version of the earlier easter-egg-kingdom, where broken eggshells lie all over the deserted place. Wombats are casually sitting in those eggshells, just chilling and Kyary herself is taking a bath in one of the larger eggshells while drinking. Because why not? An egg war is hard enough to deal with, the logical next step is trying to relax and drown your sorrows. I buy that.

As the Wombats and Kyary are relaxing in their eggshells, half-baked eggs shaped like UFOs come flying through the sky, and zap those poor Wombats into their egg spaceship. Kyary is too busy taking selfies in her eggshell bathtub to notice those poor animals being kidnapped by alien eggs, though.

Suddenly, one of the spaceships shoots a laser beam at the castle we saw earlier, and it explodes. Kyary is seen walking away with a somewhat creepy smile from the scene. She ends up at some kind of testing area where egg-scientists are building some kind of rocket, shaped like a giant egg, of course. The rocket is placed on a spoon.

Kyary shoves some kind of stuff in the faces of her huge ass pink tutu-wearing eggs and they turn into egg vampires. Yep, egg vampires. Haven’t seen those in a video before. The egg vampires then shoot ketchup on the egg scientists and the scientists instantly die. Even Kyary drops a bunch of ketchup on those poor eggs and she ends up killing her own tutu-wearing servants on purpose. Evil evil Kyary. They did everything for you and you murdered them in cold ketchup. Just awful… She then boards the giant egg rocket and launches herself into the sky. She passes a giant bowl of rice, which is probably a planet of some kind. The rocket explodes, and the insides of the egg drop onto the bowl of rice.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

So far, the song has reached many different opinions amongst fans. Some say it’s fantastic, while others say it’s boring and not original enough to be a main track. Personally, I agree that the song itself is nothing special. It’s just a simple, cute but weird song about Easter and after hearing it once, you probably never care to listen to it again. The video, however, is the most original and weird interpretation of Easter I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I know Kyary is known for being ‘out of the box’ in everything she does, and I think it’s very refreshing. This video is really one of the strangest things ever, and I think it really fits her image.

So do I agree or disagree with the masses? Well I think the song is a little boring, but the video definitely makes up for the song. It’s so weird, if you need a laugh or to be a little mindfucked, I suggest watching this video just for the fun of it.

The outfit in the video is also right up Kyary’s alley. Naturally it’s Harajuku in style, which is exactly what we’d expect from her.

The MV is full of colors; from Kyary’s outfit to the world the video takes place, and all the eggs have their own color as well, much like how one would expect Easter to be celebrated.

You can watch the video for Easta here:

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