24K in Amstelveen

24K, a Korean boygroup under Choeun Entertainment, graced our tiny country with their amazing performance! In January 2017, the group came to our continent for their first ever Europe tour.

Their first Europe tour was called Still with 24U and took them to Lisbon, London, Helsinki and Milan. And this month they returned to Europe for their Encore performances in Madrid, Stockholm and our very own Amstelveen!

For those who don’t know, 24K, pronounced “Two, Four, K”, is a kpop group that debuted in 2012. The group currently consists of 7 members: Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Hui, Changsun, Jinhong and Hongseob. They are known for their great dance performances, fun songs and various music genres.

While Kinetic Vibe, the organizers of the tour, promoted the NL concert as ‘Amsterdam’ it was actually held in Amstelveen. The reason for this is because they were a little late trying to find a venue in Amsterdam, and all venues were already booked. They ended up with an awesome venue in Amstelveen, which was very easy to reach and large enough to hold all the fans. Something that surprised me was that there were many fans from Germany and other places that came all the way to Amstelveen, just so they could be a part of this concert.

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

The doors were supposed to open at 5 PM, but there were some delays. Eventually, the press was lead inside the building, followed by those who had an Ultimate VIP Ticket. UVIPs had access to the High Touch event, as well as a group photo. Merchandise was sold before the concert, so many fans bought albums, shirts, necklaces and other items to remind them of this amazing experience.

Once inside, the press was given their own section on the balcony to take photos. The fans were asked to stand in lines, and each line would be asked to come on stage for the High Touch event and the group photos.

Because of the delays, the High Touch event started later than they had originally intended. They had to ask the staff members to randomly entertain the fans and to distract them from the wait. I don’t mind being entertained by staff, since it can be funny and it’s not their fault things are delayed, however, what did bother me was that Kinetic Vibe was promoting themselves for a very long time. They took photos of themselves on stage for about half of the wait, which isn’t interesting to watch for anyone in the venue. The fans were mainly ignored during that time, too.

Kai, a staff member, however was very fun to watch. He was really nice and danced for the crowd, took photos with and of them, and even started singing for us because the fans asked him to. He was really sweet and tried to connect to the audience as much as he could.

Many fans had made signs for the boys to read during the concert, and one of the signs was directed at a specific member, asking him to marry the girl. Kai mentioned that the member had actually seen the sign earlier, and had responded with: “Sure, why not, she’s pretty.” I thought that was pretty awesome.

The group had also written a message to their fans, some of which was in Dutch. It was really sweet, and the whole crowd got super excited about it.

Once all the rules about the event had been explained, and the guys came onto the stage, fans were directed onto the stage and were allowed to high five each member. After that they were asked to sit down in front of the group, and two photos were taken. Once all the Ultimate VIPs were done, the regular VIPs were allowed on the stage for the High Touch event. Then the fans with regular tickets were lead into the venue, and everyone found themselves a spot to stand.

What I personally liked about the High Touch event and the photos, is that the boys put great effort into making funny faces, weird poses and cute poses with the fans.

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

About 15 minutes after 7PM, the concert started. The first song the boys sung was BINGO, which immediately got a loud response from the fans. Everyone knew the fan chant, and so everyone sung their part along with the members. After performing BINGO, the group introduced themselves. All members were introduced individually to the fans, and they all had a small message for the fans. The crowd was overly excited, and loud screams could be heard every time a member of the group introduced himself.

After the introductions the group performed some of their other hits, such as HEY YOU, STILL 24K and even a few covers. About 3 three songs later, they showed a video of the group training and practicing for the tour. The video also included  a fun and strange kind of ‘football’ (soccer), which was very similar to the Dutch “Lummelen”, but in a football/soccer style rather than throwing a ball. The point of the game was to kick stand in a circle across the room with one player standing in the middle. The members would kick a football to one another, and the person in the middle was supposed to steal the ball from the other person. If he succeeds, the person who last kicked the ball has to stand in the middle, and try to steal the ball away from another member.

They also included a video message to themselves, which was very funny to watch. All members told their ‘future selves’ some encouraging words about the concerts, and wished themselves luck. Some members also said a few kind words to the fans in this video message, earning great response from the crowd again.

Then the guys came on stage again, in different outfits and blew our minds with more fantastic songs and some covers. During another MC break, the boys were given small fans to cool themselves down a little. One of the members laughed at the crowd’s reaction to the miniature fans and exclaimed: “You guys are hot!” to which I thought: “Thanks mate, so are you.” Of course all the fans went crazy at his comment, and the mood in the venue improved even more!

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

During one of the MC talks, 24K took the time to play a small game and competition with the fans. They split their group up in three separate teams. Each team picked 1 fan from the audience and called them onto the stage: Team one had a girl wearing some kind of flower costume, team 2 a blonde girl with braids and team three a blonde girl with a ripped denim jacket. It was then revealed that they were going to teach these girls how to dance to BINGO, and they’d hold a mini competition to see who was a better dancer (or teacher).

The song played and the guys began to show and teach the girls how to do the dance steps. Once they were done, the boys played rock, paper, scissors (In Dutch) to decide who could start the competition. The team that won was team flower girl, so she had to dance first. The second dancer was the girl with the braids, and the last dancer was the blonde with the ripped denim jacket. The final dancer won the competition! She was really good, and I loved her attitude. All contestants won a 24K necklace and got hugged by one of the members for participating in the challenge.

After this short but fun competition, the guys held a lottery: all fans had been given a number and if your number was called out by the members, you could win a signed CD, and pick it up after the show.

At some point, the audience was shown a compilation video of the group’s concerts and fan-meetings across the world: They went to countries all around the globe, which is incredibly impressive! There were photos and short clips from all those events, and many of them included fans holding up their country flags and waving at the camera. I liked watching it, because you can see how much the boys have influenced people in the world, and how many fans they have outside of their home country.

After that video they sun a few more songs, and of course, the encore!

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

What surprised me were the BIGBANG and Jason de Rulo covers and the amazing response they got from the fans. I know BIGBANG is extremely popular amongst kpop fans, but for literally everyone in the room to know the lyrics and fan chant to the song surprised me greatly. It was very enjoyable to watch both 24K and the crowd enjoy the performance so  much.

If you’re interested in the complete Setlist, here are all the songs performed during the concert:

  1. BINGO
  2. HEY YOU
  3. RUN
  4. STILL 24K
  5. Honestly
  6. Oasis
  7. Talk Dirty To Me (Jason de Rulo cover)
  8. Bang Bang Bang (BIGBANG cover)
  9. Sexy Love (NEYO Cover by vocal unit: Cory, Jinhong, Kisu and Hui)
  10. Mixtape (Hip Hop unit: JeungUk and Cory)
  11. Mix (Performance unit: Hongseob, Changsun and Jeunguk)
  12. It’s heaven
  13. Superfly
  14. Bingo Remix

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

I loved the concert. Can’t say it in any other way. The guys were really nice and fun to watch, their dancing skills were amazing and I love how they really tried to connect with their fans during the show. The crazy (in a good way) response from the fans was awesome, too. I personally really love it when fans are loud and know the proper fan chants etc., because, to me, it shows you really enjoy the concert and know your stuff.

The set list was great and the songs were generally just a lot of fun to listen and dance to. For anyone who is unfamiliar with 24K, I strongly suggest you find their Youtube channel and listen to some of their songs.

Cory’s English is bloody amazing, which makes sense because he grew up in the US. It was nice to have a translator like him. The other guys also occasionally attempted to either speak English or try a few Dutch words, like how they tried to say “Steen, Papier, Schaar” (rock, paper, scissors) but failed and decided the crowd should say it instead.

Personally, I think the only bad thing was the long wait. I don’t blame the guys or anyone for things being delayed a little (plus, the concert did actually start at 7PM, as it was advertised as) but I do think the extensive random photos Kinetic took of themselves on stage was unnecessary. It took up so much time, and it was not interesting to look at for anyone. I don’t even remember an apology for the long wait either. The rest of the concert made up for the wait, though, so it’s no real biggie. It’s just annoying, and if they really wanted to take photos of themselves on stage so much, do it before all the fans come in. Literally nobody wants to spend so much time waiting for you to be done with your own photos. Even the fans were bored of it and literally sat on the floor and began to play games (not kidding).

foto van Patricia Kostrzewa.

Overall the concert was great. 24K are amazing performers and I am happy we got to be a part of this concert with all of their Dutch (and German) fans. It was certainly a fun experience and I recommend all readers that are unfamiliar with 24K’s work to look them up and listen to their songs.

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