Manga Review: Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 1


I picked up the first volume after I saw it at the manga stand of Whoops during the comic convention called FACTS. Reading the story, and assuming it’s as otome as can be (and those who read my anime reviews know that me and otome have a thing) I accepted the challenge and bought the first volume to let you know how it was. It was also to see if you (our readers) like the concept of reading a review per volume or prefer a review of a finished series all at once.  So make sure to let us know in the comments or leave a message on facebook. Since it’s only one volume for now, the review will only contain events that happen in this particular volume instead of the whole plotline.

The first volume contains 5 chapters. The story and art is by Aya Shouoto (who has released more work such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Knight: Official Comic Anthology – For Girls, S.L.H and many more) The Japanese manga was published in the Monthly Asuka from June 2009 and ran until January 2012. The english version was published under Viz Media. The manga has a total of 9 volumes.

The story of Kiss of the Rose Princess is about Yamamoto Anise, who wears a rose choker. Ever since she was young her father told her that removing it will bring her a terrible punishment. Frightened by the thought, she kept it on. Until this little black thing called Ninufa falls down on her face and she loses the choker. In return, the bat-like cat gives her four cards to summon knights with. She only needs to kiss the card.

kiss-of-the-rose-princess-01And this is what the first volume is about. Anise learns that a handful people of her school are her special knights and each have their own color. Kaede is the red rose knight, Mitsuru the white knight, Seiran the blue rose knight and Mutsuki is the black rose knight. And in truth they all have their little weird perks. As the first impression of Mitsuru is the handsome student president, he ends up being the pervert. Kaede seems the normal one so far, just the usual jerk main… Mutsuki is as dark as his rose color, but though mean looking on the inside, I’m sure he has a kind heart. At least he still obeys Anise, while he keeps saying “I won’t accept it” besides that he is a jerk, looking down at the others because he is different and lives longer than them and doesn’t need Anise her blood for most of his tricks. Seiran is the last one, and he is the ill pretty boy, he seems to be allergic to roses, while he is into breeding roses…. oops?

Even though you don’t know much about the main characters because it’s the first volume, you get a tiny idea what kind of person everyone is, and weird or not, they all fit this group. I think due the events that happen, like looking for the right choker, helping with the school festival because Mitsuru is the school president and he sort of forces them to help him, you get that grasp of them. So it works.

At the end Anise’s father did find out she lost her choker and returns home, but that’s all that happens during this volume… I don’t want to say it has suspense for a first volume, but somehow with all the funny stuff happening, it grabs your attention and makes you want to read more.

In the end I’m sad that I only picked up 1 volume, as I really enjoy reading through it. The drawing style is really beautiful. The other fun thing I liked is that some chapters had a little introduction at the bottom of the page about the knights. Telling a little more about them. So if you want to read a shoujo with pretty boys, a little humor but still a good story in the first volume, I really recommend to buy and read it yourself.

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Review by: Tris


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