Reikenzan: Eichi e no Shikaku

Reikenzan: Eichi e no Shikaku

Episodes: 12

Aired: January 8, 2017 to March 26th, 2017

Opening: Genkai Kentobashite by Merry★Go★Lands

Ending: Chikara ni Kaeta by Merry★Go★Lands

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Reikenzan: Eichi e no Shikaku (霊剣山 叡智への資格) is the second season of Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage. It is produced by Tencent Animation and Studio Deen, just like the first season. The season is an adaption of the events in the xianxia web novel series Congqian Youzuo Lingjianshan (从前有座灵剑山; There was a Spirit Blade Mountain), written by Guowang Bixia (国王陛下).

This season has 12 episodes, in which a lot happens. In fact, there is so much going on in this season, that it’s hard to keep up. The season should’ve been longer, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand everything. Or, you should probably read the manhua to stay informed.

The first episode starts off with a short recap of what happened in the first season. They mention he sets off with the other apprentices for a new trip. The goal is to see the world, meet new people and mature. This whole episode focuses on how Ouriku reaches his home village and is avoided by other villagers. They all believe he’s the devil and only came back to cause trouble. The village has been tricked by another sect, Shichi, who claims everyone can reach cultivation. They take money from the villagers and in return give them special water. If you take it for 45 days, it will grow Reikon inside your body.

I hated this episode, not because it wasn’t good, but because I hate the villagers. Those people truly need to get a good kick in the face.

In the second episode, Ouriku is back with Rei and Buhon. He explains what happened back in his own village, and Rei thinks it’s hilarious. Eventually they go back to Ouriku’s village, and kidnap his childhood friend, whom has joined the Shichi sect. They find out about where to find the Shichi sect. Rei has to infiltrate the sect, but is kicked out soon after she got in, so in the end they get no good information about the sect in this episode.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Eventually, Ouriku pretends to be a woman and changed the shape of his ribcage to make it look like he has large breasts. He still gets captured by the Shichi sect, yet Rei manages to save him, and kicks major ass. They have a talk with two of the high ranked members of Shichi sect and tell them to apologize to Ouriku’s village for deceiving all the villagers. However, since people are prone to believe what they want to believe, they would only think the apology was forced by Ouriku, and therefore nothing would change. Then Ouriku decides there is just one thing left to do: Start his own sect. He asks Rei and the two Shichi members to join him, and together they will do the exact same thing as the Shichi sect: take people’s money by pretending to perform miracles. He will store the money and use it to help the villagers, instead of making profit of it.

They come up with a ruse and trick the villagers into believing they will help protect them with their powers, and soon the whole village loves Ouriku’s new sect.

Ouriku creates a Houdan, which will make magic stones the village can sell for big money. Kain, the former elder of the Shichi sect, is the new target for the Shichi sect, as they believe he has betrayed them. Kain’s former best friend is sent after him to make Kain atone for his betrayal. So they head out to Ouriku’s village to catch Kain.

Eventually, Kain’s old friend challenges him to a one-on-one battle, which he loses. But just before Kain is about to get killed by his friend, Rei knocks the guy out. They feed him a fake pill to get the guy to tell them Shichi’s secrets.

Despite details never being explained, Kain’s friend eventually joins Ouriku’s sect as well.

The head of the Shichi sect wants to start a war between his sect and Ouriku’s new sect. Ouriku is keen on erasing the head of the Shichi sect, so that others won’t be bothered by them anymore. Somewhere along the way, Ouriku used a technique called the Essence and Blood Boiling Technique, which burns away your lifespan and turns it into power. It is a forbidden technique. He also lets the villagers use it to become more powerful, so they won’t feel their life has been wasted. That part of the anime was a bit of a mess for me, it was explained shortly but awkwardly, and not really mentioned what actually truly happens and how to use the technique. It’s just randomly mentioned but doesn’t go into any real details.

However, because of this forbidden technique, many strong Shuushi want to join Ouriku’s sect. Later Muhika tells Ouriku about the large group of fighter from the Shichi school that has been gathering at the east of the village. They will attack the next morning.

Kain’s friend goes back to the leader of the Shichi to ask them to retreat, telling him that Ouriku is too strong and too smart for them to beat. Especially since Ouriku is a disciple of the Reiken sect, and the Shichi school cannot risk being at war with the Reiken sect, as they are too powerful to defeat.

Right as Kain’s friend leaves the room to go back to Ouriku’s village, Ouriku himself appears in the room as an Astral image. He asks the man to join the Chikyou sect (the name of Ouriku’s sect) but gets a laugh as response. Apparently the leader knows that ouriku’s used the forbidden technique to help his own sect grow so fast. But Ouriku is never impressed by someone else, and will not back down. The leader wants to fight Ouriku, and puts up a barrier. Right as he’s about to attack Ouriku, Rei shows up and kicks the guy in the head. But unlike Rei’s other victims, he does not pass out. Boo.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

The leader challenges Ouriu to a battle, but Ouriku uses the villagers that have hidden themselves in the forest. A lot of the villagers die in this battle because the leader is too strong.

Those villagers were a distraction, as the rest of them attack Shichi’s main force. They burn down their territory, along with many other places, and with all the smoke and fire, the stars and moon are blocked in the sky. Since the Shichi sect uses the moon and stars to gain extra power, this blocks the leader’s strength and techniques, making it easy for Ouriku to kick his ass.

While the other villagers, Rei and Bunhou are fighting the remaining Shichi fighters, Kaiunho comes back and helps them kick ass. He was one of the Shuushi that wanted to join Ouriku’s sect. Kaiunho kicks some major ass with Bunho, while Ouriku is trying to stall the Shichi leader. He gets defeated by the leader, however, it turns out it was Kain pretending to be Ouriku.

Meanwhile the battle between the Shichi and Ouriku’s fight is over. Rei is taking care of the reinforcements, while Kaiunho and Bunho are looking for survivors they can help. Ouriku is fighting the Shichi leader, and while it seems he’s losing, he’s doing a good job at withstanding attacks. Oubu’s physical training in the first season helps him maintain his body, so he can fight back and survive attacks. Eventually, Kaiunho comes to help Ouriku out, but gets defeated. Just when Ouriku is about to get killed, Rei shows up and kicks the Shichi leader’s ass.

After the battle, it turns out that the Shichi leader used the forbidden Blood Boiling technique once, but his ideals weren’t strong enough to make it work properly. It burned away 10 years of his life.

Kaiunho explains he was sent to investigate Ouriku’s new sect, and decides to stay for a while to observe some more. Yay! The Shichi sect leader and his followers join the Chikyou sect (Ouriku’s sect). Kain survived the battle with the Shichi leader. Bunho is sent to deliver a letter of negotiations for the Great Republic of China.

As the season progresses, more characters from the first season make an appearance. Shushin and Ouchu return as characters, and even have an entire episode revolving around them. In this episode, the two find a girl whose parents sold her to a sect where she had to become a Kenrou, a female enlightened that is taken as a sexual partner by a male enlightened so that he can increase his power. The village this girl grew up in sells all their daughters to the sect, and anyone who tries to escape or refuses to sell their daughter, will get killed. Obviously, Ouchu and Shushin get their butts kicked and get captured, and taken to the hide out of the Blood Clouds Sect. They are given the option to lick the boot of their capture, and therefore become a slave, or die. Shushin says he, as the crown prince, will not do so, but just like in the first season, Ouchu does anything to live and immediately gives in and licks the dude’s boot. He is then released from his cuffs and given an axe, presumably to kill Shushin. Their captor tells Ouchu to do ‘whatever you like with it’. He is even allowed to attack their captor with the axe, as ‘everyone is equal’ in this sect. Shushin begs Ouchu not to kill him, and the boy is about to drop the axe but is forced to hold on to it. Right as he’s about to kill Shushin, the guy gives in and begs to be turned into a slave as well.

Then right before Ouchu raises his axe again to kill Shushin, Ruri’s voice echoes through the room. For those who forgot, Ruri is an assistant of the high ranked enlightened teachers at the Reiken sect. She’s also a close friend of Oubu’s, and an enlightened woman. She was tricked into coming to the Blood Clouds sect by the promise of ‘many beautiful dresses in many colors’. Yep, it’s that easy to make her happy. But once the men in the sect touched her breasts, she beat the living crap out of them and wrecked house. She literally murders everyone except Shushin, Ouchu and the women held captive in the house, and then spends the rest of the episode crying about the fact they never got her the pretty clothes they promised. While the episode is refreshing and interesting, it is completely random and was not an arc in the manhua, and therefore completely useless.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Later, Shushin talks to one of his advisers and asks her to investigate the Chikyou sect. He doesn’t know Ouriku is the leader of that sect. He eventually is kicked out and told to come back – apparently his status as crown prince no longer matters – and outside he meets Gaku Keiyo, whom we met in the first season, she is another disciple of Reikenzan. Keiyo was asked to look into the Chikyou sect as well. Bunho arrives, and eventually it is revealed he has a high function in the Chikyou sect. Everyone is shocked and ask him why he joined. Bunho completely changes his attitude, it is kind of scary actually – he becomes a real diplomat and totally serious – and he replies that the reason he joined was so he could be ‘the perfect man for Keiyo’. Since he’s a commoner and she’s not, and he is fat and she is beautiful, he thought this would help him gain a better status and impress her and her family. He even says he loves Shushin’s informant, Ri Nana.

Our lovely Bunho puts everyone in their place, freaks out a bunch of others, it’s really entertaining to watch but feels really unimportant to the plot. It is revealed Ouriku eventually took control of Bunho’s body and he was the one who said all the strange things to get their approval. Not that we expected anything less from the mastermind. After they realize Ouriku was controlling Bunho, Shushin and Ouchu believe that Ouriku is probably the leader of the Chikyou sect.

Meanwhile Ouriku shows up and meets with Keiyo on a small boat and (fake) kisses her, which Shuhin witnesses. There’s a whole scene following, naturally the jealous prince loses his mind and gets into a lot of fights. Shushin decides to investigate the Chikyou sect on his own, and travels the world to find any kind of information about the sect. This includes talking with some of Ouriku’s enemies from the first few episodes of this season. He eventually sends his report to the leader the Reiken sect.

After the negotiations are done and the Chikyou sect was accepted, everyone heads back to Ouriku’s village to celebrate. Poor Kaiunho gets trapped between two women wanting to take him home so he ends up trying to – politely – run for his life.

The leader of the Reiken sect takes over Bunho’s body, wanting to meet Ouriku and talk to him personally about the Chikyou sect. Then finally, in that same episode, episode 10, we see Oubu for the first time in the whole darned season! FINALLY! She agrees with the way Ouriku has been handling things, and believes everything he’s done so far is totally okay.

Ouriku, Keiyo and Bunho are forced to hold a meeting with other members of the Reiken Sect. They’re confronted with the report that Shushin had written about the Chikyou sect, and being the kind of guy he is, Ouriku denies nothing. He says there is no rule against starting your own sect, so he did nothing wrong. He also mentions that, despite the great economic status of his sect, he is not received a single penny of it. He shows them his new skills,  but is not yet believed the then asks for ‘the sword of questions’. When you cannot decide the innocence of a person, the master of the sword puts all their spirit into the sword and asks the question to the heart of their disciple. If the disciple can accept the sword without being harmed, they are telling the truth and are innocent. If there is any doubt in your heart about your convictions then you will probably die, but if you have nothing to be ashamed of, you’re innocent and will not be harmed.

Ouriku asks for three days to prepare himself for the sword. Meanwhile his people continue to work hard in the village. After those three days, they managed to build a lot of pillars that help gather Reiki from the mountains. Ouriku attacks the Reiken clan leader. And while he’s very strong, Ouriku cannot beat the leader. The real tests starts and Ouriku’s heart is checked. He is trapped into an illusion. During this scene you are reminded that Ouriku is kind of an asshole with a huge ego, whom hardly feels anything for other people besides his friends. He does make a few good points, however. He manages to break free before being destroyed by the ‘sword’. He almost dies at the end of the episode, but does manage to clear his name because the leader of the Reiken sect stops the test just in time.

After Ouriku wakes up, the leader of the Reiken Sect tells him that despite hm being innocent, he still has to go to prison for over 30 years because he broke the rules of the Reiken sect. Ouriku says that the rules have never been clear, and can be interpret in different ways. He even managed to get his sect officially accepted by paying someone off, and so the Reiken sect cannot do anything against him and his sect/school.

When everyone has left, Ouriku calls Kain’s former leader and tells him to lead the sect for him. He even created a 5 year plan so the guy would know what to do. Ouriku then leaves with Kaiunho, Bunho and Rei to go back to the Reikenzan (Reiken sect). Kaiunho goes back to his own sect to deliver his report and train more.

Ouriku goes back to his parents’ house for a little while and learns he has a baby brother. Right before he leaved to go back to Reikenzan, he hugs his parents (something he’s hardly ever done). You get to see flashbacks from his childhood, which seems to be really great.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

This season is completely different from the first season of Reikenzan, which is one of the reasons a lot of people dislike the season. But, I think it’s refreshing. If everything was the same as the first season it would only get boring and repetitive. I think Reikenzan really shows the different sides of a real story – not just training and a main character, but also the things that play outside of the sect, the politics and other hardships people have to go through; the toll it takes on regular people and on an enlightened person.

Oubu is pretty much nowhere to be found the entire time, despite the fact she is the only character shown in the ending theme at the end of every episode. This season focuses mainly on Ouriku and the influences the Sects have on regular people, but I think it’s quite good.

Despite some of the old main characters not being part of this season, the second season of Reikenzan is really good; partly because it’s so different from its first season. The story is different but still links to the first season, and there’s more action, blood and deception in this.

There is a lot more going on storywise, and the story is progressing at a fast pace, and can be difficult to keep up with. They’re trying to put a lot of the story and background into the season, which is difficult to understand if you have not read the manhua (manga). So for the second season, while it’s definitely good on its own, I suggest reading the manhua so you’re a little more informed about what is going on in this season.

The voice acting is good, the same voice actors from season one pick up their role, which is always nice. The artwork is the same style as well, so you won’t get shocked like in Fairy Tail or D.Gray-Man’s new seasons. But the art is still lacking a little, probably because of a low budget. For a 2017 anime, the art is nothing special, but it’s decent enough not to bother you; it’s still pleasant to look at.

I really like the opening theme for the anime. While the song itself doesn’t sound all too  interesting when you first hear it, it grows on you as you listen to it more often. The lyrics to the opening fit the anime extremely well, which is one of the reasons I ended up liking the song. I liked the ending theme a little less than the opening; it’s very slow and overall not too interesting.

Some new characters are introduced this season, such as Kain and Muhika, who bring something new and interesting to the table: such as their personal ‘training methods’. It’s nice to see Bunho get a larger role, as well as Rei returning to the show. I was personally ecstatic when I saw Kaiunho and Oubu return as well.

Personally, I really do like the anime and I disagree with all the shit it gets from other fans. Just because this season is very different from the first season doesn’t make it bad or boring; the story evolves and I think the politics and corruption adds to the story. I think it would’ve been a lot more boring if all you see is Ouriku training randomly again and just doing random tests.

So overall, I think this is a great second season and I think that, if you’re open to changes and a new plot then I do think you will enjoy this season. At least give it a try if you watched the first season. There is still plenty of funny scenes, fighting scenes and interesting plot to be watched, despite it being different from the first season. I hope they make another season, a longer season, so that we can see what happens next.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.


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