Ai Ore! Love me! 愛を歌うより俺に溺れろ!

Student Mizuki Sakurazaka (Ito Ono) looks like a boy and is treated like a prince at her all female Seinoibara High School. She also leads the all girl rock band Burauerozen. They regularly perform at a venue that allows only women. Akira Shiraishi (Karam) is a student at the all male Kaizan High School. He’s treated like a princess at his school because of his feminine face. Akira then sneaks in to watch Blaue Rosen. He confesses his love to Mizuki.


This live action is based of the similar manga who has two titles on its name; Ai o Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! which has 3 volumes and Ai-Ore! Danshikō no Hime to Joshikō no Ōji which has 5 volumes.  Making it a total of 8 volumes for the manga. The liveaction was released in August 2012. It’s genre being Romantic-Comedy and Teen.

The difference between the live action and the manga would be that Akira isn’t a part of Blaue Rosen.

And with this I’m out. No just a joke. The story and the film is just a little meh. It’s just not THAT. Whatever I want THAT to be. While Akira actually is very feminine, Mizuki isn’t that maleish in appearance. She is tomboyish but her face is just too feminine for her to really pull off the male look. Her friends are more questionable about that (which is usually the way it goes with that kind of style). The story itself isn’t much more exciting that the summary explains. It starts off with Akira confessing and then Mizuki learning about a new sickness called “Love”. Yes. She actually believes she is very ill and gets sick when she gets close to boys. Which is a little dumb, while everyone else does get the fact its falling in love. You wonder why her mother never told her that. Besides Akira struggling for Mizuki’s love, the ladies of Blaue Rosen are working on their career and that’s kinda it. The other side called Kaizan boys school tries to become a less creepy boys school.

I mean… it has potential, it’s just a little weird, and I’ve been use to weird by now, I like to think at least. But it’s just not my thing. Partly because Mizuki thinks she gets sick when she meets a boy just makes me feel like I want to run into a wall. It’s just too dumb to be believable.

So.. was there anything I did like? The music wasn’t bad and the clothing got my attention.

Have you seen the film? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Review by: Tris



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