Qualidea Code Review

Title: Qualidea Code
English: Myriad Colors Phantom World
Japanese: クオリディア・コード
Genre: Action, Magic, Supernatural
Release date: July 2016 to September 2016
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme:
Episode 1 to 8: “Brave Freak Out” By LiSa.
Episodes 9 to 12: “AxxxiS” by LiSa
Ending Theme:
Episodes 1 to 4: “Gravity” by ClariS
Episode 4 to 7: “Yakusoku -Promise Code-” by GARNiDELiA
Episodes 8 tot 12: “Clever” by ClariS x GARNiDELiA
Review by: Tris

What would you do when the world gets taken over by Aliëns and the last thing you can do is put the next generation in cryo sleep. That’s what happened in Qualidea Code. 30 years later the children that has been frozen, have awoken by the adults to fight for the last three places in Japan. Some of them have gained a special magic ability called “World”. Each World has its own speciality. The cities has been divided by Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa. The story follows 6 children; Ichiya Suzaku, Canaria Utara, Asuha Chigusa, Kasumi Chigusa, Maihime Tenkawa, and Hotaru Rindou. They are the children in charge of the army for their cities.

And of course a summary can be wrong~ This is no other issue in this anime, although the main point, fighting aliens is true, the story behind it, is completely different. I think this anime give a great look on things, as the viewer is a character in the series. You root for the children to fight the aliens, thinking that is the right thing. But after the anime progresses, we all learn the truth after we see Canaria and others being taken away. The mind tricks in this anime are really something, not just on the characters but also on the viewers. You really stop and need to think everything over again. Especially when Kasumi knows what’s going on but doesn’t tell anyone. And though the story behind it is genius and interesting, the moments when there are no fights, are boring. Of course there’s a lot of depressing drama after the students, who have been behind the border, went missing, but that’s what you expect when you think your family and friends have died.

Seeing the missing kids ‘showed’ as aliens was really awesome, the aliens all had something to remind the human versions of them. So has Maihime her pigtails, Hotaru her warrior style look and Canaria still can sing.

In general, I enjoyed watching this anime. It has humor, it has drama, it has fighting, and no death. It has some big mind blows at the end and that makes it better. The animation is pretty and smooth. The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of clinginess and love interested, sure Maihime and Hotaru fit well, but the jealousy of Asuha when her brother is spending time with someone else is just beyond annoying. The relation between Ichiya and Canaria as well, but those are not blood related so it makes some sense. If you are up for a short anime, make sure to check it out! It’s really worth it.

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