Review by: Mariëlle

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

PLASTICZOOMS returned earlier this year with a brand new album for their fans. The album was released on January 11, and shares its title with the band name: PLASTICZOOMS. The album has 10 amazing tracks, out of which 9 are completely new! There is one version of the album.

Aside from this new album, the band has started their Europe tour, as well! The tour set off in Berlin on the 24th of February, in Berlin. The band will visit other German cities, and many other European countries. They will perform in Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark.

The first track is Frontal Attack, which starts off with very computerized sounds. I like the beginning because it is so different from mainstream songs, yet the background music is more common. Once the Bass and other instruments start to take over, you’re left with a magnificent beat. While the song hardly has any vocals, it’s a very interesting and fun listen.

The Future is the second song. From the second the song starts playing, heavy instruments take this song to a whole new level. You cannot escape the urge to Head bang to this song. This song is not instrumental, and the lyrics are nice. The song is great, the beat is awesome and the vocals are good. I really like the song, and the fact they altered the voice to sound somewhat ‘distant’ makes it more interesting to listen to.

The third song is called Quite Clearly. The music drives this song, and it’s by far my favorite on this album. The bass and guitar are just plain fantastic. I wasn’t sure what I had to expect when I read the title, but this song is so pleasing and badass. The low vocals really add to the fantastic sound and the chorus is easy to sing along to.

Minds is the title of the fourth track. Like all songs on the album, Minds is completely different from the other tracks. It is really relaxing and calm. Sho’s lines are sung calmly as well, and the female voice that you hear during the chorus is a nice change to the song as well. The song strikes me as more ‘western’ than some of the other songs on the album. It’s a really good song, and I recommend this to everyone, if you want a slower song, or something that doesn’t use heavy instruments.

HIGHWAY is the fifth song. Like Minds it is a bit more relaxing and uses less heavy bass than some of the other songs. The vocals are the main selling point of this song. While the music is really good, the vocals add the real ‘feel-good’ vibe that makes this song stand out. When listening to HIGHWAY, you feel calm instantly. I think this is a great travel song.

You can watch the MV for HIGHWAY here:

U12 is up next. The guitar is probably my favorite thing about this song. It makes the song sound a bit happier, and adds to the uniqueness of this song. The different instruments and great vocals make for a really awesome song.

The seventh track is Night and Hurt, which is a change of pace from the last three tracks. Heavier instruments, heavier vocals and feminine autotune, along with some computerized sounds really make the song pop.

Smoke Motion reminds me a little of club music, which is one of the reasons this song is so interesting and fun to listen to. It’s completely different from the other songs on the album. The way Sho sings the lyrics to this song is a bit similar to some 80’s and early 90’s club songs, and I like that. The song has a nice beat and an interesting style.

VEILED EYES is the 9th track, and is the only song on the album that had been released before 2017. VEILED EYES was released on an EP in 2016, along with its very own Music Video. It’s an intriguing song with many different styles and sounds, all blending in together nicely. I think the song really fit the rest of the album well, despite it being older than the other tracks. I love the lyrics, and the different vocal techniques used in the song. Even the slight use of autotune is really nice in the song.

You can watch the MV for VEILED EYES here:

The final track is Breitenbach (broad stream). What might or might not surprise you is the fact that the German title is most likely related to the band’s relationship with Germany. They lived there for a year, and since they will tour many cities in Germany during their new Europe tour, it makes sense to me they’d have a German song title one day. The song reminds me of certain old German songs. It’s a little too bad I didn’t hear any German in the song, but maybe I just didn’t hear it correctly. Either way, Breitenbach is a beautiful song with a nice beat, good vocals and beautiful lyrics.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic album. All the songs are individually great and different, yet they all fit together very well. I agree with PLASTICZOOMS’ members when they say this is their masterpiece. It’s an amazing album, with great music, great vocals and musical diversity.

I recommend this album to anyone who has not yet had the chance to listen to PLASTICZOOMS’ older albums and singles, because this album is a great way to get into their music. It portrays their unique style and intrigues fans to listen to it more and more.

While their music is often influenced by Western music, and Sho sings in English, the band manages to still make their own sound. It’s a nice change from most Japanese bands, who sing only in Japanese, or have a very heavy accent.

If you’re interested in buying PLASTICZOOMS’ new album, please click the link below:

Regular Edition


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