Miyavi Europe Tour 2017

Good news for all Miyavi fans! The popular artist will be touring overseas to promote his last album FIRE BIRD! The album was released in August last year, and Miyavi promoted the album with an Asia tour earlier. However, it’s time for Europe to shine! The tour will take him to many cities in Europe this May, starting in Austria and ending his trip in Germany. Miyavi will also tour the USA this year.

foto van MIYAVI.

The tour dates and destinations are as follows:

  • April 28th, Vienna, Austria
  • May 1st, Munich, Germany
  • May 4th, Cologne, Germany
  • May 5th, Paris, France
  • May 7th, London, United Kingdom
  • May 9th, Hamburg, Germany
  • May 10th, Berlin, Germany.

Ticket prices may vary per website and venue, but the average prices for tickets to Miyavi’s concerts are between €34 and €40. Tickets are selling quite fast, so buy them as soon as you can and plan your trip accordingly.

On top of the overseas tours, Miyavi will release a Best of Album, called ALL TIME BEST “DAY 2”. The album will be released on the 5th of April, and will be released in two versions: A regular Edition and a Limited Edition.

The regular edition will have 20 tracks on one disc. The limited edition will come with 3 discs, including a total of 33 songs, and a DVD showing part of his NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE Japan tour final in 2016.

You can buy the ALL TIME BEST “DAY 2” album here:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition


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