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January 2017 review.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Album/Single: LET IT DIE -20XX-

Artist: LOKA

Review by: Mariëlle

Alternative Hard Rock band LOKA recently had their amazing comeback! On the 20th of January they released not one, but two singles! Both of these singles are completely different from one another in genre, style and meaning.

Earlier this month, JNL Team had an interview with LOKA, where we discussed these newly released singles, as well as their upcoming tour. You can read the interview here. And if you are interested in reading our review on SENSE OF CRISIS, you can read it here. 

The single I will talk about in this review is LET IT DIE -20XX-. It was digitally released on the 20th, and has one track. This song is used as theme song for the violent PS4 game with the same title: LET IT DIE. It is a free-to-play hack and slash video game developed by Grasshopper Manufracture. It is published by GungHo Online Entertainment. It was released internationally in December 2016, but won’t be released in Japan until February 2017.

LET IT DIE -20XX- is the only track on the single, and is a pure hardcore metal song. The genre of this song makes it stand out from their other work, so it can be an interesting change for fans.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

According to the band, the song LET IT DIE -20XX- is mainly focused on the game LET IT DIE, which is why the song is not their typical LOKA style. The lyrics to LET IT DIE -20XX- were written by kihiro himself. He told us in an interview that the words ‘let it die’ sounded too negative, so instead, the lyrics say ‘don’t just let it die, fight it’. I think that, even though the game and song have the same title, the lyrics fit the theme of the game fantastically, so the changes he made were very well done.

Personally I think the song is a really good change of pace from their previous work. The harcore metal is quite intense and is as hard as the game it represents. The vocals are as heavy as the instruments, and truly compliment the genre. While harcore metal is not my favorite genre of music, LOKA does an amazing job and provides us with a great song. Especially the lyrics to the song are great, and I think kihiro did a fantastic job at writing such powerful words.

Overall I think the song fits the game very well, and the band did a great job representing the game with their music and lyrics. LOKA released an amazing song, and I think they deserve recognition for it.

I suggest this single to anyone who’s into metal, because this song will blow your mind. Long time LOKA fans will enjoy this song as well. The vocals are great and the music is fantastic. I suggest giving this song a try, even if you are not into this specific music genre.


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