Special Review: LOKA – SENSE OF CRISIS


Artist: LOKA

Review by: Mariëlle


LOKA, an alternative Hard Rock band from Japan, recently had a great comeback! One thing that makes this comeback so amazing, aside from the great new music, is the fact the band released not one, but two singles on the same day! Both of these singles are completely different from one another in genre, style and meaning.

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to interview LOKA, and we discussed both of the newly released singles, as well as their upcoming tour. If you’re interested in the interview, you can read it here.

The single I will be reviewing this time is SENSE OF CRISIS. It was digitally released on the 20th, and has one track. If you’re interested in our review on LET IT DIE -20XX-, you can read it here. 

SENSE OF CRISIS is a collaboration with PABLO (aka: WTF!? From Pay money Pain). It was originally written for a Snowboard event called PARK AIR, which is held in Sapporo. The meaning of the song is very beautiful and strong. Basically the song means that anyone can die at any time in their life, so you have to prove that you’ve lived a life you can be proud of.


kihiro wrote the lyrics to the song, and he mentioned that he strongly believes having a ‘sense of crisis’ will keep your focus strong, because there is always something out there that can mess you up. I think this is an honest and interesting look on life, and I actually believe the same.

SENSE OF CRISIS is a lot softer in sound than LET IT DIE -20XX-, which was released on the same day. This song will be a lot more familiar to older fans in terms of style and genre, as it is more similar to LOKA’s older work.

SENSE OF CRISIS is definitely my favorite of the two new singles; it’s my style. The music is great, PABLO’s guitar work is awesome and the vocals are strong. The lyrics are beautiful and powerful, and really add something special to the song.

In short, listen to this song. The lyrics are fantastic, kihiro’s voice is amazing and flows really well with the music. I think this song is a great intro for newer fans or people who are unfamiliar with LOKA’s style and work. Seriously, buy the single. You will not be disappointed at all.


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