Dragon Ball Super Trunks Arc

Kicking off with a new arc, Dragon Ball Super returns with an familiar face from the past… or maybe I should say the future. For this new arc Future Trunks returns for help once again. Although the beginning of this arc gives some deja vu feelings regarding his earlier return, the main goal during this arc is all the mindblows we as a viewer are giving instead. We also get a little back to the future acts, even though I personally think three are too many, but we can’t all have it our way now?

Episodes Arc: 47– 76
Airing: Dragon Ball Super is currently airing.
Opening: Excellent dynamic by Kazuya Yoshii
Episodes 37 – 49: Forever Dreaming by Czecho No republic
Episodes 50 – 59: Yoka Yoka Dance by BATTEN SHOW JO TAI
Episodes 60 – onwards: Chaofan Music by Arukara

And like all anime, Dragon Ball Super has fillers, these happened before the Trunks Saga and after, although entertaining nothing much except for one thing. Please see the picture below. And if you want to know why, please go watch it yourself because even if my life depended on it, I can’t explain it without dying of laughter.

vegeta speen.png

The arc starts with a look in the future as Trunks is being chased down by a shadow with red glowing eyes that hides in a dark fog. Trunks meet up with his mother and before they safely can go back to the past, the mysterious creature appears and kills Bulma. And while I enjoy making a review long, and with as many details as possible, it was impossible for me this time.

The amount of time that is spent in the anime, hopping back to the past and into future is even more than all the back to the future movies and it’s confusing. The first time Black appears in the past is when he follows Trunks his spaceship. To be honest there is a a lot I don’t like, the story does have potential but due all the time travel and fleeing back to the past it really gets ruined. As well as having two Zamasu’s. I don’t really like the word future and past as it’s mostly an alternate time that Trunks comes from, seeing as both the defeat of the androids didn’t matter, nor the death of the present Zamasu. Actually thinking about it, makes my head hurt. Let’s just state I gave up in understanding this. For me, personally, this arc is really bad.


However! It came to my attention that Vegeta is getting a lot of more screen time, and I don’t mean only Vegeta action, but I mean more family focus, I mentioned it before, but once again this arc shows it. Vegeta who tends to be mean and cold, goes to the future in a second to help out Trunks. Without question he transported back to cut his training, he wanted to help and protect him. And I think seeing Vegeta and Bulma going all crisis mode in action is the best part of this arc. The only little sad part is that present Trunks gets a little neglected because they are so centered on Future Trunks, however both Trunks are having some time together, and learn from each other.

Would I recommend watching this? No. Not unless you’re utterly bored or your love for Dragonball goes beyond infinity, then you might not feel like ripping your eyes out. The fillers in this arc are the best and even they make me feel like hitting my head against the wall, but that’s what fillers are supposed to do, so we forgive them.

As for the next arc, it already has been announced it will start around episode 73. It will be named Universe Survival Saga. It will continue with the tournaments of the great All-chan (as Goku is allowed to name him) and we all know how serious he gets went things needs to go boom… Are you excited for the new arc?

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Reviewed by: Tris


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