Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood

In November 2016 the Final Fantasy got a new released in the form of Final Fantasy 15. This game has been worked on since 2006, which gives it a total of 10 years before being released. FFXV has various console release. The game also got an multimedia project called “Final Fantasy XV Universe” which include the anime, a feature film called, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and VR downloadable content. However, in this review I will be talking about the anime that has been released as Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood. If you wish to read a short impression of what I think about the game check out the review about First Look. The film might get reviewed in the future as well.

Similar to the game, the anime is about Prince Noctis. Brotherhood tells the story of what happened before the war. Not just of Prince Noctis but also of Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus are in the anime. The anime aired from 31th of March until 17th of September. In total there are five episodes that each are about twenty minutes long. The Ultimate Collectors Edition of the game will include additional anime material focused around Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

The kingdom Lucis has been at war with the Empire of Niflheim. After many years of war both kingdoms agreed on a peace. For that peace, Noctis must marry Lunafreya, who was the former princess of Tenebrae, but now has been taken hostage of Niflheim. Unaware of the plans of Niflheim, Noctis sets out on his way to Lunafreya, in company of his friends Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis. During the first episode, while they ride the car they hear through the radio that Lucis has been attacked. Being on the run and attacked by various Niflheim troops, there is another problem showing up. A monster that is called Daemon appears. Through a flashback we learn that it’s the same one, that murdered Noctis his mom, and almost him along with it. It ends with a shot of Noctis charging at the Daemon.

The second episode focus on Prompto, and how saving a little wounded puppy changed his life around. When he was a child Prompto was a chubby child, and a introvert. When he found the puppy, he discovered it belongs to Lunafreya, who as a thank you asked him to become friends with Noctis. Because Prompto thought he wasn’t worthy of being Noctis’ friend, he started exercising (and following Noctis around) and when the two of them started in highschool they were best friends.

The third episode is centered around the friendship between Gladiolus and Noctis. It starts off with Gladiolus being Noctis’ trainer for combat and all he thinks about him, is that he is a spoiled child. When his younger sister comes to visit, she gets herself lost and she is following Noctis outside. In the end Noctis bring Iris back and while the younger child is being scolded, Noctis steps up and gets the blame for going outside. Due to this Gladiolus changed his mind and a close bond is formed.

Ignis’ story is explored in episode four. It starts off with the four returning to a city for spending the night. Noctis and Prompto go in to buy some food while Ignis does some normal shopping. During his cooking, we get a flashback of his past. He takes care of Noctis who lives alone in a apartment and apparently Noctis lives like a pig.. Ignis is such a mommy! Cleaning the room and preparing dinner and even fixing Noctis’ clothes. After giving a final scolding he leaves. While Noctis and Prompto hang around in class for their exams, Ignis finds out that the wall that protects the people is getting weaker, since it’s linked to the King. On the way home Noctis sees his father on a tv screen at the side of the building. When he returns home, he takes his anger out on Ignis and he leaves the upset prince. The next scene is Noctis in a game center and Gladiolus showing up, because he didn’t came to practice. After practice Gladiolus and Ignis have a little talk and both Ignis and Noctis talk it out.

The last episode begins where the first one ended, charging at the Daemon. This episode centers around the battles. While Noctis is losing his self control out of hatred, the others fight off the Niflheim soldiers. In the end Noctis returns to his senses and remembers how it was defeated the first time, by his father. During this, he finds a way for him and his friends  to defeat the Daemon. After they killed it, the return to their road trip.

Now that I got the general storyline covered it’s judgement time! Woot! And actually I don’t have any bad things to say. Personally I enjoy having this way. They can focus the game on being the game, yet expand in stories like the history of the country, the characters, their bonds and everything else around it. I think this way gives a deeper meaning to a story. I really enjoy the art of the anime as well; it was smooth, but still the fighting scenes looked really great. The effects were well done. The only sad thing is that it ends.

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Review by: Tris


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