TMR: Hey! Say! JUMP – Give Me love

JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

December 2016 review.


Album/Single: Give Me love

Artist: Hey! Say! JUMP

Review by: Mariëlle

In December of 2016, popular group Hey! Say! JUMP came back with a new single, called Give Me Love. The nine member group kept busy this year, releasing not only their single Maji SUNSHINE (真剣SUNSHINE) back in May, and another single in October, called Fantastic Time, but also their successful album DEAR, back in July. Additionally, all three of those earlier 2016 releases have gained the Platinum Certification by RiaJ, the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

 The singles comes in three versions, and each version has different tracks. The regular edition comes with three new tracks, and three karaoke versions of those songs. The First press regular edition has a total of 5 tracks, out of which 2 karaoke tracks. Track 2 and 3 are different from the normal regular edition. And lastly, there is the limited edition, which comes with the title track and another new song called Traffic Jam, along with a karaoke version of Traffic Jam. It also comes with a DVD.

As you can see, there are a total of 6 new songs to enjoy, spread over three editions. JNL Team will be reviewing the regular version of the single.

The Regular Edition exists out of 6 songs, of which 3 are new tracks, and the last three are instrumentals. The first track is the title track, Give Me Love. In all honesty, the intro of the song gave me a Disney-ish feeling. The rest of the song has a very anime vibe, though as you get to the ending of the song, it fits dramas as well. I can totally see why this was used for the new drama Cain to Abel. The song is very beautiful, overloaded with different emotions. The chorus is catchy, and I think this is a great song to listen to when you’re travelling by bus, train or car.

Glorious is the second track on the regular version of the single. From the moment the group starts singing, I knew this would be an amazing song to hear live. The intro isn’t anything special, yet it felt very impressive to me. The song is very nice, and its style reminded me a little of boy group LEAD. I personally love the song a lot, and I wish there was a Music Video, as I feel it could be a very emotional and beautiful video.

The final new song on the regular edition is called Ashita Hallelujah (明日ハレルヤ; Tomorrow Hallelujah). I love this song, it’s beautiful yet fun and easy to sing along to even if you’re not fluent in Japanese. I honestly believe this song will be great song for Hey! Say! JUMP to sing together with their fans during a concert. I think this is a very cute song, and really recommend listening to it. It will make you feel better about the world and yourself; I felt very cheerful and relaxed after hearing this song.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

I think Hey! Say! JUMP has brought us yet another fantastic single this year. Despite having such short time in between their 2016 releases, the new songs do not disappoint in the slightest. They’re catchy, yet mature and I love their new style as much as their older, more ‘cutesy’ style.

If you’re a fan, or looking for something new to try out, I suggest giving Give Me Love a listen. The songs are a fantastic way to get into the new Hey! Say! JUMP style. Old time fans will probably love it, and even if you dislike their newer, more mature image, I still think you will be able to enjoy this single a lot.

If you’re interested in buying Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, Give Me Love, then click the links below.

Normal Regular Edition

First Press Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Bundled set of all 3

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