Special Review: SHINee – Winter Wonderland

Album/Single: Winter Wonderland

Artist: SHINee

Review by: Mariëlle

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

SHINee’s back.

Popular Korean boy group SHINee has released their latest Japanese single, Winter Wonderland. SHINee is no Stranger to the Japanese Music industry, and is actually extremely popular in Japan, and we know many of our readers also enjoy KPOP artists. These are the reasons JNL decided to review their latest single as a Special Review.

For those who are not familiar with the group, SHINee is a 5 member boy group from South Korea. The group exists of Onew (Lee JinKi), Kim JongHyun, Key (Kim KiBum), Choi MinHo and Lee TaeMin. Known as the “bitnaneun SHINee” (Shining SHINee), these guys have taken on the Korean and Japanese music industry Like a Fire.

With hits like Noona Neomu Yeppeo, Amigo, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Sherlock, and more, SHINee has gained a lot of popularity world wide. And now, they’re back with a wonderful winter single to help you get through these cold months.

Winter Wonderland is SHINee’s 14th Japanese single. It was released in many different versions: A CD Regular Edition, which comes with a 12 page photobook. The Limited CD+DVD edition features tall size digipak packaging and comes with a 24 page photobook. Then there are five limited CD Only ‘SHINee members’ editions and a collection of all five sold together. The five ‘members’ editions and the collection of those five editions are only sold on SHINee’s official Japanese Fanclub website.

The single comes with two completely new songs, and some versions of the single also include the Japanese version of Everybody.

The title track, Winter Wonderland, starts off with Taemin’s smooth voice. I love the flow of the song, it’s very nice and calming. The music itself didn’t strike me as a ‘winter’ song immediately, but the lyrics definitely add to the seasonal feeling. I am absolutely obsessed with Minho’s part near the end of the song. It’s just fantastic. All five members of SHINee look amazing in the video. Overall, the song is very beautiful and I think everybody will enjoy it.

Watch the video for Winter Wonderland here:

The second new track is called Melody. One thing I really like about this song is that you can really hear how the voices of all the members have matured with them. Each of the members really sounds amazing in Melody. The song is very beautiful and I absolutely love the chorus. I honestly wouldn’t mind hearing them sing this during a live performance. I personally prefer this song to Winter Wonderland, but both songs are very good.

Overall, while there are only two new songs, the boys of SHINee have brought us an amazing single. It’s been doing amazing on the Oricon charts as well, only proving how great this single actually is. Winter Wonderland is a great song, very beautiful and true to its seasonal name. Melody is a great follow up that you should give a listen when you have the chance.

This single is sure to get you through the cold winter months.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

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Regular Edition

CD + DVD Edition

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