Special Review: I Promised Once – The Awakening

Album/Single: The Awakening

Artist: I Promised Once

Review by: Mariëlle.


Electro-Metalcore band I Promised Once is back! The German-Japanese band, signed under GANSHIN Records and Jackmann Records, formed in September 2014, and has been breaking barriers between music genres. Their performances are always high quality with great sound and amazing stage presence.

Their debut single, Broken Dreams, ended up in the Top 10 for best upcoming bands of 2014, at the rock portal site Geki Rock.

Back in 2015, the band worked together with the producer of the German band Eskimo Callboy. The result of that collaboration was their first EP New Blood, which was released on the 4th of February that year.

I Promised Once currently exists of 5 members: Vocalist George, backup vocals and keyboardist Flo. The two Guitarists are called Kunio and Nils, and the final member is the Bass guitarist and Manipulator, Joe.

They’re known for their amazing fusion of Heavy Metal and Electronic Dance music, and their many collaborations during their live tour with international bands. On top of this, the band has done a Japan tour and a European tour earlier this year. And now, they have released their third EP, The Awakening.

The Awakening was released worldwide on the 14th of December. Physical copies are only available in Japan, whereas the digital releases can only be bought through GANSHIN Records. There is one version of the mini album, and it exists of 4 new tracks, and 2 remixed tracks of their older singles and EPs.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

The first track is The World Against Us. The English in the song is quite good. I like the use of drums and the bass in this song, they’re heavy but it’s really cool. The lyrics were a bit hard for me to hear and understand, but other than that it’s a good song. Definitely a great start.

The second track is called White Night. I love the guitars in this song. From the moment the song starts playing, the guitar work is fantastic. The beat sometimes reminded me of a few songs by other artists, but in a good way. I love the beat and many styles you can hear throughout this song. The chorus of this song is very strong and powerful, and I like it a lot.

Drown With Me starts off very slowly and a lot more relaxed than the rest of the album. It’s a nice change of pace, while still fitting the album and the band’s style well. I think this is my favorite song on the album; I love the lyrics and the beat of the song. It’s very different from the other songs, but I think they mixed the different vocal styles, and music genres, together really well.

The last new track is called Winter Is Coming. This instrumental song is also very different from the other songs. It starts off with a nice, soft rhythm, followed by some great guitars and bass. The intro of the song actually reminded me of a song by a different artist called KOTOKO, despite their music styles being completely different. It’s only the intro, however, the rest of the song is nothing like I’ve ever heard. It’s fantastic; a nice fusion between heavy and calm.

Image result for i promised once the awakening

Overall I like the EP a lot. It shows a great combination of different music genres, and very well composed songs. I thought it was a bit of a shame that I couldn’t hear or understand the lyrics of the first song very well, but the vocal style fit with the heavy metal and alternative music scene, so it didn’t bother me too much.

This mini album is fantastic for long time fans, and definitely worth the shot for someone who isn’t sure about the band yet. With a few new songs and remixed songs, you’re bound to decide whether or not this band is for you.

I personally recommend this to old and new fans, as it’s a great EP and this band deserves some recognition.

If you’re interested in a physical copy of The Awakening, please click the link blow:

CD Japan

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