D.Gray-Man Hallow

D.Gray-Man Hallow

Episodes: 13

Aired: July 5th, 2016 – September 27th, 2016.

Opening: Key –bring it on, my Destiny- by Lenny code fiction

Ending: Lotus Pain by Ashiro Ayano

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D.Gray-Man Hallow is the second (technically third) season of the D.Gray-Man anime series. It begins pretty much where the first anime left off, and continues the story of the manga. Sort of. This anime is a total of 13 episodes, and has an open ending.

Character designs got some drastic changes, and I’m not referring to Lenalee’s hair. Tyki looks very different, and let’s not even start about how Link suddenly got hot, when he is not supposed to be a good looking character AT ALL. Miranda looked quite different too, and they’ve changed her hair from a really dark brown to a bright brown. In fact, I feel they’ve changed a lot of colors to a brighter variant, which is very strange if you’re used to the older style.

Speaking of designs and style, I dislike a lot of the artwork. Backgrounds and animation are pretty good, but some shots are so bad, I just wanted to close the anime and stop watching. I am really picky when it comes to anime and their art styles, and I feel the original D.Gray-Man anime had much better artwork, even though it was made 10 years ago. For example, half the time, Lenalee’s face looks horrible. The noses in this anime are so poorly drawn sometimes, it’s like someone just learned to draw manga or anime style and received the job to draw this entire anime. They spent so much time on making the eyes sparkly and unreal, that they forgot about the faces.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

The anime is very short, and yet they tried to put 5 different arcs in these 13 episodes. First you get Kanda’s arc with Alma Karma, which was very sad and had some good action scenes. However, they could’ve made this arc into 13 episodes alone. They tried way too hard to hurry things up, and left out a lot of important details from the manga, as well as hilarious quotes and moments.

In episode 11, things start to hurry up even more. We meet Apocryphos, a special, independent, senient Innocence that exists for the sole purpose of protecting the Heart. Until now, Apocryphos took the form of an unnamed Cardinal that lived with the Order. However, it was revealed in this episode that this independent Innocence is the one who shot Cross Marian. He stated that his new goal is to absorb Allen.

Tyki and Road come to Allen’s rescue, basically because the Millenium Earl sent them to save his previous Fourteenth. Ah, Tyki, you sexy bastard.

The Noah that lives in Tyki has been looking for it for the past 7000 years, and Road mentions that Apocryphos is their ‘clue’ to the Heart. According to Apocryphos himself, he is not a clue to the Heart at all, he is as similar to a Noah as a Grim Reaper is to humans.

Innocence apparently doesn’t work on this dude, so everyone is screwed. Tyki puts up a good fight but is eventually chained to a wall, and can’t do much else. Then Apocryphos tries to kill Allen after the cursed kid tells him the idea of being ‘one’ with him makes him want to puke, but Road jumps in front of Allen. So she’s down.

Then suddenly Link wakes up and releases Tim from the spell that held him down. Tim then eats Allen and Road – because he’s still a giant ball of awesomeness – and escapes while Link blows the entire dungeons up. This scares the crap out of Tyki and he flees as well; He’s such a lovable softie.

Also, the most shocking thing I learned from this episode is that Timcanpy has a butt. I honestly never knew he had a properly shaped butt.

Link dies in this episode, killed by Apocryphos after the blonde freed Timcanpy and helped the others escape.

Allen runs with the Noah, and is no longer considered an Exorcist. Road eventually tells him that Nea, whom is the Noah within Allen, betrayed them for Mana, and only lived for Mana. But also says this is supposed to be a secret within the Noah. She then dies. Poor Road, she was awesome.

Then Tim becomes small and cute again, and his butt disappears. It just disappears. Damn, that Timcanpy is such a magician.

In the 13th and final episode, we first get to see a shot of young Allen. He is such a cutiepie! Eventually it moves back to the Noah hideout, where Lavi gets tortured so that Bookman will spill all the secrets about the Fourteenth and Road.

The ending of the anime is really rushed. Kanda comes back, his Mugen is no longer rusty and his Innocence changes to Crystal type, and then he leaves again to find Allen. Eventually you see Allen with Timcanpy in an alley, in great pain as he tries to fight off Nea inside him. Meanwhile Apocryphos is still looking for Allen, and some Akuma are sent after him as well. So far, the only thing that keeps Allen from completely giving in is the images he has of Mana and Cross telling him to keep on walking, and the memory of how he got the name “Walker”.

Obviously the open ending is a way of saying there might be a continuation of the anime, or to tell fans to read the manga. They’re just testing whether or not fans are still interested in watching it. Personally, I don’t like how there are so many unanswered questions, so I really hope that D.Gray-Man gets another anime. The manga is still ongoing, so there will be new material to make a new anime, possibly a long one like the first anime.

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Overall I actually really do like the anime. It’s decently done overall, especially after the 10 year hiatus. It’s, in my opinion, not even remotely as good as the original, and I think the artwork is poorly done, but it’s generally really enjoyable. It’s funny, the voices are pretty similar to the original cast’s and the story continues pretty much where the first anime left off. There’s room for improvement and continuation, and I truly hope they will continue the anime with a new series.

Do I recommend watching D.Gray-Man Hallow? If you have seen the anime and read the manga then yes. If you haven’t seen the first anime, and you haven’t read the manga I discourage you to watch it, as nothing will make sense. Even if you have only seen the original D.Gray-Man anime, DGM Hallow can be really confusing to watch in certain episodes, so I strongly recommend catching up with the manga as well.

What bothered me the most, aside from the strange art here and there was that they stuffed 5 story arcs, which is a total of 40 volumes, into 13 episodes. They could have done so much more with these 13 episodes. Work out one or two arcs properly, don’t stuff them all into such a short anime, because it is confusing and very annoying. Now they’ve left out so many important details, as well a lot of comedy and character development.

Review by: Mariëlle.


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