Special Review: Fujita Ena – EVIL IDOL SONG

Fujita Ena is one of Japan’s new rising stars! Earlier this year she was crowned MISS iD 2017 by Kodensha, one of Japan’s major publishers. MISS iD 2017 is an audition process where Kodensha searches for ‘girls that have never been seen before, who deserve to be seen in this new day and age’. She is a chart topper on LINE Blog as well.

For years, Ena worked independently, trying to get her name out into the world. She’d perform with a guitar, amp and her signature pink, gem encrusted microphone on the streets. Later she performed at indie music events and clubs. On top of this, Ena was a model.

In 2014, Ena was awarded Miss Tokyo Sports 2014 by Tokyo Sports, a popular newspaper in Japan. A year later she became the poster girl for Horror Hiho: Hidden treasures of Horror, which is an international horror film festival in Japan.

ABCs of Death 2 director Hajime Ohata noticed Ena and became inspired by her. He wished to create a new horror movie, which would be based around a singer/songwriting model whom becomes possessed by the devil. Ena then became the main actor in this film, and stars as the serial killer. Her song, EVIL IDOL SONG, became the title of the film.

Ena joined King Records in Japan, known for famous artists just as Mizuki Nana, and lynch., and is part of JPU Records in Europe.


Earlier this year, Fujita Ena released the EP EVIL IDOL SONG, which was released on the 24th of August, 2016. It exists of 5 different tracks and comes in only one version. The promotional photos for the EP were quite daring, as Ena is naked in all of them. It’s something I have not often seen. However, I think it does make a bold statement, which is something that fit her demonic concept.

The first song is the title track, EVIL IDOL SONG. It’s a slower song with strong instrumental influences. The song really focuses well on Ena’s voice, and displays different techniques. I honestly wouldn’t have expected this to be a song someone plays when they’re possessed by the devil, but it’s an interesting song nonetheless.

The second song is called Koboreru Highlight (こぼれるハイライト). I really love this song, it has a great beat, is a bit faster than EVIL IDOL SONG and overall stands out a lot. I love the rhythm of this song, and I think Ena’s vocals fit a little better with the music style than with the first track.

Anoko No Shojijyou (あの子の諸事情) is the third track on the EP. It starts off with some very interesting music, and soft whisper-singing. This reminds me a bit more of the original concept of a woman being possessed by the devil. After an intro, the beat pumps up and Ena continues singing in her regular, powerful voice. This song has different microphone techniques that change the sound of the voice, which is super cool and makes this song unique.

The fourth track is Kanaria (カナリア), a song with a great bass and guitars. I like the use of the drums here as well, they sound a bit more ‘present’ than in other songs, or at least to me. I like the vocal rhythm, and I think the style of singing is closer to the possession concept.

The final song is called Amaiwana (あまいわな). I personally think the beginning of the song is a little off; the heavy instruments don’t feel right with the ‘ballad-like’, slow singing. Eventually more instruments play, changing the sound of the song completely. And suddenly, it doesn’t sound so strange anymore. The slow lyrics fit in better with the music. It’s my least favorite track on the EP, but not a bad song by any means. It’s just different from the other songs.

Image result for fujita ena evil idol song

Personally, I think there’s some improvement needed here and there but overall this is a great EP, and I hope to see many more singles and albums from Fujita Ena in the future.

If you’re interested in buying Ena Fujita’s EVIL IDOL SONG please click on one of the links below:


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