PLASTICZOOMS Europe tour 2017

PLASTICZOOMS is coming to Europe! The band debuted in 2007, and has been a stable name within Japan. PLASTICZOOMS exists of three incredibly talented members. First there’s Asakawa Sho, the vocalist of the band. Sho directs and produces the band’s music, artwork, merchandise and many other things! The second member is Yokoe Jun, whom is in charge of the Bass and Syn. Lastly there is Takanashi Tom, known for his amazing guitar skills and syn.

The band is known for their unique style, which is a combination of 70’s punk, 80’s post-punk, gothic and new-wave. All these different music styles make for a great new sound, which has been gathering fans worldwide.

In 2009, PLASTICZOOMS’ released their first 7 inch-single Under///Black. The single was distributed by Rough Trade UK. Not too long after that, the band released their first concept album, called CHARM.

In 2015, the band went to Germany for a whole year. They did a bunch of gigs there with local and international artists and DJs. This is where they joined HIGHFEEL Agency and created VEILED EYES in 2016, an exclusive EP.

Watch the video for VEILED EYES here:

And now the band will be joining their European fans next year with a tour. They will visit France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. More tour dates might be added later on.

The Dutch show will take place in P60, in Amstelveen, on the 9th of March, 2017. The venue opens at 19:30, and the show starts at 20:00. If you pre-order the tickets now, they will be €12. If you buy them at the door, they will be €15.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Dutch show!

P60 official site

You can find more information at AVO Events & Promotion!



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