Digimon Tri Kokuhaku

Kokuhaku is the third Digimon Tri movie and continues where Ketsui ended. The movie was released on 24th of September 2016. The meaning of Kokuhaku is Confession. Like the other two before it it has multiple episodes of roughly twenty minutes with an opening song and a ending. It has been announced that the 4th film will be released on 24th of February 2017. The title will be Soshitsu or Loss in english.

Butter-fly” by Kouji Wada
Boku ni Totte” by Knife of Day


Let’s start with something fun~ The ending ‘Knife of Day’ is the name of the band Yamato plays in! They used it as an ending! Really awesome!

The story starts off where the previous film ended, Meicoomon turned back and they think it’s an infection. Which can be spread to the other Digimons. To make sure it can’t reach them, the Digimons have to stay in the special realm Izumi designed on his servers. The main theme of this film is ‘confession’ and they really executed it well. In both the secrecy from Takeru, hiding the fact that Patamon has been infected as the Digimons wanted to leave Earth in order to save it and do the reboot on their own.

On the other side we get to learn I was right in the review of Ketsui. That someone was using Ken’s alter ego the Digimon Emperor. It’s Gennai?! How did that happen? We know that Gennai has more than one lifeforms but still. Did he turned bad? Why is Maki smirking so evilly? And how did Maki get Ken’s digivice.. So much more questions this film. I need more!

The other main hero this film is by far Izumi, with Tentomon going full Digivolving to the last level, which he is still a huge ass beetle, in this gold/yellow (I’m gonna stick with gold, because that looks more awesome)

Also what makes me wonder, in the first adventure, the Digimons where imprinted / downloaded with the information of the children. After all they waited for a long time when Adventures started. So how far back did the reboot go? Did it delete everything? I don’t just mean their memories, we have seen them together not recognizing the Digidestined. Does this mean that all the bad guys can return? As for disappearing, what happened with the Adventure 2 digidestined? Why are Hikari and Takeru not involved in that? From what I understand is that there are all kinds of kids disappearing, but other than believing the organisation? Why would Hikaru and Takeru not talk with the others? They were good friends with them. Even if they would go to different schools, look at the Adventure group, they are close as well. Speaking of missing people, I wonder if Mei will join the group, or stay in the real world until they return.

The last thing that bothers me, is how ugly the Digiworld is, or supposed the be. What happened there? So far I really liked the art, I can even ignore some ugly drawn faces with weird missing tiny noses, but no! I won’t accept this kind of Digiworld. It better be a fake in between or something!

Overall this third film has broken me more than I would have liked. It’s by far my favorite from the three that has been released and I can’t wait for the other films to come out, not just because I really enjoy having this franchise back again, but the story and its development are really good.


Review by: Tris


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