Musaigen no Phantom World

More than a decade ago, during an terrorist attack, a virus got released. This virus changed the human brain, making it possible to see so-called Phantoms. Phantoms is a collection name for ghosts and other mystical creatures that you can’t see with the naked eye. Some Phantoms are good and some are evil. To make sure to stop the troublemaking Phantoms schools have set up a special class with children. These children are the next generation of the virus and their body have developed the ability to fight the Phantoms with.

Title: Musaigen no Phantom World
English: Myriad Colors Phantom World
Japanese: 無彩限のファントム・ワールド
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Release date:  January 2016 to March 2016
Status: aired.
Episodes: 13
Opening Theme:
Naked Dive” by SCREEN mode
Ending Theme:
Junshin Always” by Azusa Tadokoro
Review by: Tris

In charge of Musaigen no Phantom World is Kyoto Animation, the studio that is also responsible anime such as Clannad, K-on, Free! and many more. The animation is great, the fighting looks really amazing, including all the magic effects.

Since this is a short anime, you expect a fast developing storyline, however that is not the case. The anime takes its time to explore all the stories. Even the recruiting of members doesn’t happen in just one episode. By taking it slow and showing character development, both past and present, you get to know the main characters a lot better. Fighting the Phantoms is a side story which is okay. As most animes alike, they beat a Phantom in each episode, which gives it a classic anime feel to it, as well as evolving their skills and learning how to work in a group. And while I enjoy watching this anime, I couldn’t help but have the feeling around episode 10, that it was getting boring. I enjoy learning more about the characters, seeing them grow and hang out, but in the end the feeling of boredom came. Fortunate for me, at that moment the story took another turn. A new kind of Phantom appeared called Enigma. She can steal the abilities from the children, and she needs to be stopped. I do feel that was a little rushed, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s so good! I would recommend this series just for the last couple of episodes, as it’s an invincible enemy.

The main protagonist is Haruhiko Ichijo and his team of females: Kawakami Mai, Izumi Reina, Minase Koito and Kumamakura Kurumi, who are all students at Hosea Academy. The anime start off with just Haruhiko and Mai as team members and being at the bottom of the ranks. Haruhiko can seal the phantoms through his art and later learns how to summon Phantoms and even more. Mai can use elements by summon them from her body, which gives more than once an awkward view on her body, when she summons fire out of her heart. The next member is Reina, her ability is eating Phantoms which makes Haruhiko a little useless until he learned his other abilities. Minase can fight Phantoms through her voice. The youngest and most adorable is Kurumi, who uses her bear Albrecht for fighting. The group dynamic works fine, through time they learn to work together and we even get the embarrassing ecchi moments.

So in general a great anime, great storyline, great animation, it has both humor and serious topics and easy to follow if you want to watch something to relax.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor musaigen no phantom world dog gif

Lets take a minute and have feels over Marchosias, who had an awesome introduction and then turned in this cute little flying puppy. How can you not find this cute?!


But if you didn’t have enough of this short series, you can always turn to the novels or the watch the special Musaigen no Phantom World: Limitless Phantom World.

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