TMR: An Cafe – Atsuku Nare / Ikirutame no 3 Byo Rule

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September 2016 review.

Album/Single: 熱くなれ/生きるための3秒ルール (Atsuku Nare / Ikirutame no 3 Byo Rule)

Artist: Antic Cafe / An Cafe

Review by: Mariëlle

Popular band An Cafe is back to the music scene with a new single called Atsuku Nare / Ikirutame no 3 Byo Rule. The single was released on September 14th in 3 versions. The regular edition consists of 3 songs, while both limited editions only have two songs, yet come with a DVD. Limited Edition Type A has the music video and making of for Atsuku Nare, and the pledge of thousand years DIVE !!!!!, while the B type edition comes with the music video and making of for Ikirutame no 3-byou Rule, and the Pledge of JIBUN.

An Cafe is known as Antic Cafe in Japan, and currently exists of 5 members. They’re known as an indies Japanese pop-rock oshare-kei styled band, and they describe themselves as having a Harajuku Rock-kei style. This is An Cafe’s 24th single.

The single’s title track 熱くなれ (Atsuku Nare; Get Hotter) is actually a cover from the original song by Maki Oguro. The original song was released in 1996. An Cafe’s version is very upbeat and exciting. From the beginning on I got really into it. The beat in the beginning is really great, the start of the song is also in English. After about 40 seconds, the song slows down, but the chorus brings back the hype in full. I think Atsuku Nare is a fantastic party or concert song.

Watch the short version of the MV here:

The second track is 生きるための3秒ルール (Ikirutame no 3 Byo Rule; 3 second Rule to Live). I had to get used to the rhythm of the song for a while, but I think the chorus is absolutely fantastic. It’s super catchy. The song is very nice and upbeat, and I think fans will enjoy it immensely.

The bonus track on the Regular Edition is 逃避回路 ~2016ver.~ (Touhikairo ~2016ver.~; Escape Circuit ~2016ver.~). I love the intro of the song, it’s upbeat and I’d totally listen to that intro in my car on my way to work. The chorus is very nice too, but I’m not too fond of the parts in between. Especially the random grunting is a little annoying, but overall the song is fantastic. It’s fast and fun, somewhat playful and yet totally rocks your socks off. The ending of the song is also very catchy and nice. I totally recommend listening to this version of the song.

Image result for an cafe ikiru tame

Overall I like the single. My favorite song is definitely Atsuku Nare, but I also really like the other two songs. For new fans, or people who are looking to get into An Cafe, I recommend giving this single a try. It’s a great way to get into their interesting music styles. I won’t need to explain to longtime fans how great this single is.

If you’re interested in buying An Cafe’s new single 熱くなれ生きるための3秒ルール (Atsuku Nare / Ikirutame no 3 Byo Rule), then click the links below.

Regular Edition

Type A

Type B

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