Special Review: T.M.Revolution – RAIMEI


JNL Team present a short series of September album releases. Requested by our colleagues at GANSHIN Records in Germany, JNL Team will review a total of three new albums and singles that were released earlier this month or in August.

Album/Single: RAIMEI

Artist: T.M.Revolution

Review by: Mariëlle


The final artist I will review is T.M.Revolution! As our readers will know, we have reviewed his work earlier this year as well. Because his articles were very popular amongst our readers, JNL Team couldn’t pass up the opportunity given to us by GAN-SHIN to review him again.

2016 is a very busy year for this man: Takanori celebrates his 20th anniversary as T.M.Revolution this year. As such, he has been keeping himself busy with new releases and tours. He released the single Committed Red/Inherit the Force, a collaboration single with AOA called Ai wo Choudai, and his brand new BEST Album, all back in April. On top of this, T.M.Revolution announced another 47 prefecture Japan tour called Route 20, which is still not finished. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, he found time in his busy schedule to perform overseas at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles back in July. He also just finished organizing another successful Inazuma Rock Fes weekend, and performed there just last week.

And if we weren’t on CLOUD NINE already, T.M.Revolution released his 30th single, RAIMEI (Thunder). RAIMEI was released in Japan on August 31st, in 3 different versions: a regular edition, and two Limited Editions, of which one is a Limited Thunderbolt Fantasy Edition. It’s been available in Europe since September 2nd, thanks to GAN-SHIN Records.

RAIMEI is used as the main theme song for the Japan-Taiwan joint video project Thunderbolt Fantasy. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a Wuxia puppet material-arts action show.

The lyrics to the song were written by Inoue Akio, like most other songs by TMR, and the music was composed by Asakura Daisuke.

Image result for t.m.revolution raimei

The single exists of one new song, RAIMEI, and the regular edition adds the Route 20 Exclusive Medley. This medley has HIGH PRESSURE, WHITE BREATH and HOT LIMIT, from during the Route 20 tour. The Limited edition comes with the Thunderbolt Fantasy Opening version of the song, while the First Press Limited Edition comes with the RAIMEI music video and the Behind the Scenes of this music video.

The song RAIMEI was in the Oricon charts for 3 weeks, and his the #7 at its peak.

The only new song on the single is title track RAIMEI. T.M.Revolution asked us if we were ready, and we told him to Bring it On. And he gave us right what we wanted; another fantastic song. The beat is great, and the song just hits you like a Magic Bullet. From the beginning till the end, the song just grabs you. The rhythm seems a little strange at first, but the chorus is super catchy. Takanori’s unique voice really fits with the great beat, and truly makes the song. I had to move through the entire song, it’s such a happy sounding song, you will smile instantly and just jump up and down along with the beat. The ending is badass, and really fits with the style of Thunderbolt Fantasy.

Watch the Music Video for RAIMEI here:

Aside from being a popular artist in Japan, TMR has also gotten some benefits here and there, such as his own characters in several anime, like Gundam. Since Thunderbolt Fantasy is not an anime but a puppet show, they have made him his own puppet!

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Cr: http://www.thunderboltfantasy.com/

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

credit: plurk.com

With all the releases of the past year, the massive tour and his new RAIMEI release, I think it’s fair to see T.M.Revolution has his name Engraved On The Moon. With this single, TMR puts his name back on the tracks, and gives us a taste of what is yet to come in the future.

T.M.Revolution has announced some concerts – including overseas concerts – in January already, and will probably hold another New Year concert later this year as well, so be sure to find information about those performances if you’re interested in his upcoming events.

And for those who are interested in buying RAIMEI, please click on one of the following links for the Japanese editions:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Thunderbolt Fantasy Edition

If you want the European release, please contact GAN-SHIN records about their digital release of this single.

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Also, if you’re interested in T.M.Revolution’s other work, please check out the information below:

Official Website

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

Personal Twitter


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