Special Review: lynch. – AVANTGARDE

JNL Team present a short series of September album releases. Requested by our colleagues at GANSHIN Records in Germany, JNL Team will review a total of three new albums and singles that were released earlier this month or in August.

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Album/Single: AVANTGARDE

Artist: lynch.

Review by: Mariëlle

The second album I will review is the new album by lynch., called AVANTGARDE. lynch. have been one of the most spectacular and well known representatives of the Nagoya-kei style for the past decade. Amongst the many J-rock bands that have come and gone in Japan, lynch. manage to break away with various music styles and incredibly unique song writing.

lynch. is a five member rock and metal visual kei band that was founded back in 2004, and signed under KING RECORDS. They describe their concept and style as ‘uniting heavy music with beautiful melodies’.

The title of the album, AVANTGARDE, is a stylized form of the word avant-garde, which, according to vocalist Hazuki, means: ‘new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them’. The title AVANTGARDE is a great way to describe the band as well as the songs on their new album.

The album was released on September 14th, while the physical edition will be released in Europe on October 7th! The best part is that European buyers will be able to enter a special lottery. Buyers of the physical edition will find a lottery ticket inside the CD-case, and winners will be presented with a signed lynch. ticket holder and another sweet surprise. So be sure to buy the album!

The first song is AVANT GARDE, an instrumental song. I love the intro of the song, it’s super mysterious and awesome.

The second track is called EVIDENCE. I love the heavy bass in this song, it’s great. Hazuki’s vocals really stand out here, I like how his voice blends in with the song so well. The English in this song is quite decent, and I think that if this song is played live, they’d get a lot of response from the crowd.

PLEDGE is the third song, and my favorite from the album so far. The intro is a really nice change of pace from the first two, and the sound is just fantastic. The bass that casually enters the scene is great, and I love Hazuki’s voice here as well. From start to finish, this song is fantastic.

F.A.K.E. is the fourth track, and I love it. It started a little abruptly, but it’s a really great song. The rock elements are fantastic, and the changes in music and singing style during the song are very well done. Half way through the song, you hear people clapping in a nice and simple rhythm, and I think it would be great to see that happen during a live concert. It would really bring the band and the fans together.

Watch the video for F.A.K.E. here:

I like the intro of the 5th track, DAMNED a lot. It’s a similar style to AVANT GARDE and EVIDENCE, with the use of ‘hard’ instruments and heavy bass. The lyrics are as hard as the instruments, and really compliment the heavy metal style of the song.

UNELMA is the next track on the album. The song reminds me of the more ‘classic’ J-Rock that many people know, so I think this song is great for those who enjoy a more classic J-Rock sound. I was reminded of several songs by other bands when I listened to UNELMA, and this is probably one of the reasons I like it so much. The chorus is catchy and awesome, the music is badass yet still easy on the ears for those who aren’t used to the true ‘lynch. Style’. Definitely a great listen.

PHANTOM has a great start; the guitar sounds fantastic and I love the different sound styles they bring out and match in this song. It’s a lot calmer in pace than the other songs on this album, but it’s a nice change. Songs like this really bring out the vocals. This song really brings out the beautiful melodies. I recommend this song to everyone if you need a change of pace from the rest of the album.

Next on the list is KILLING CULT, I love the rhythm of this song; the sound and music overall is just really great. I also really like the lyrics, they’re interesting and really add something special to the song. The chorus is also a lot catchier than I thought it would be, so another plus there. Great song overall.

PRAYER is the kind of song that will catch you off guard if you don’t know it will play. It starts rather abruptly, similar to F.A.K.E. but I prefer this song over F.A.K.E.. I love the beat, the use of different sound tricks and heavy instruments. The pace is great as well, and the bass pops out fantastically again. The chorus is awesome as well, I really like it.

NEEDLEZ, awkwardly spelled with a Z instead of an S, is a very interesting song. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. The music is awesome, and the different vocal techniques really stand out in this song. It’s a lot shorter than the other songs on the album, but it makes up for its length by bringing us a great sound and rhythm.

This song is by far the strangest title I have seen on the album, but it is by no means a bad title, or a bad song. THE OUTRAGE SEXUALITY is actually more catchy that you’d expect it to be, and the song fits perfectly on this album.

The final track is called FAREWELL, and the title really sets the mood for the song. It starts off very calmly again, much like PHANTOM and the instruments really point out how sad this song is. While it has a nice beat, Hazuki’s vocals truly shine here. It’s such a different singing style from the other songs on this album. FAREWELL is definitely an interesting song, and stands out from the other tracks. Worth its place on the album.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

After a very busy year of 2015, lynch. decided to continue their streak of amazing albums and songs with yet another fantastic album. The many different rock and metal styles truly bring out the band’s unique sound, and I think they did a great job representing the meaning behind the title of this album.

For J-rock or visual kei fans I recommend giving this album a try. Its different styles will truly captivate you, and any lynch. fan will be able to tell you how fantastic this band is. lynch. is a very unique band, and this album truly honors their reputation.

If you’re interested in buying lynch.’s new album, please click one of the following links:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Or contact GAN-SHIN records about their digital and physical releases of this album.

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