SCANDAL in Amsterdam 2016

SCANDAL, the popular all girl rock band from Japan, with a huge international fanbase, released their latest album YELLOW in March 2016. This album is their seventh full length studio album, and was followed by a tour in Japan. Soon after a Europe tour was announced.

The band was formed in 2006, and the members performed on the street until they were discovered by Kitty Records. Then in 2008, SCANDAL released their first major debut single Doll under Epic Records Japan.

SCANDAL exists out of four women: Ono Haruna, who is the main vocalist of the band as well as the rhythm guitarist. Next is Sasazaki Mami, the lead guitarist of the band. She’s also in charge of secondary vocals. Ogawa Tomomi is the third member and the bass guitarist, and the second lead vocalist of the band. Last but not least is Suzuki Rina, the band’s drummer. Rina also plays keyboard, guitar and helps Mami with the secondary vocals.

On September 10th, the four members of SCANDAL officially started their YELLOW Europe tour. They kicked off the tour in De Melkweg, in Amsterdam.

JNL Team was given the opportunity to witness this amazing and fun concert in Amsterdam, so of course we went there to check it out.

There was a long line of people, excited to enter the venue. Those with a VIP ticket were allowed into the venue at 18:30, while those who had regular tickets or press passes had to wait until 19:30 to enter. The show would start at 20:30. It was a tad strange, as the show was originally supposed to start at 19:30, however they had changed the entire schedule for that day somewhere during the week.

At 19:30 we were allowed to go into the venue and find ourselves a nice spot to stand. Once inside, we were told that the press was no longer allowed to take photos during the concert. This was a big surprise for us, as we had received an email notification earlier stating we could take photos during the first three songs. However, the band members had personally said they did not want people to take photos during their show. So, out of respect for the band members, JNL Team did not take photos during the show. We did use some photos from SCANDAL’s official instagram, for this article.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Photo: SCANDAL arriving in the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport. 

Not very surprisingly, most of the fans inside the venue were guys, though there were a lot of female fans as well. There was a very nice and excited vibe throughout the entire evening. Fans were just so nice and excited to see the girls perform, and so everyone was having a good time even before the show had started.

Once it was a little over 20:30, the girls walked onto the stage and the crowd went wild.

The first song SCANDAL played was Room No.7, which was quickly followed by Stamp! A few songs later, they held a small break to talk to the fans.

During this small talk with fans, Haruna asked us how we enjoyed the show so far and if we were having fun. The fans all screamed yes, much to the band’s delight. Haruna told us that all members of SCANDAL had gone to Zandvoort for dinner and that they absolutely loved the location. She recommended everyone checking out Instagram for the photos they took there. Some of those photos are used in this article as well, due to the fact we weren’t allowed to take photos during the concert.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Photo: SCANDAL having dinner in Zandvoort. 

SCANDAL played a total of 17 songs during the show.

The full setlist for the concert:

01. Room No.7
02. Stamp!
03. Your song -English ver.-

04. お願いナビゲーション(Onegai Navigation

06. Sunday Drive
07. 今夜はピザパーティー (Konya wa Pizza Party; Pizza Party Tonight)
08. DOLL
09. Sisters
10. Morning sun
11. Take Me Out
12. 会わないつもりの、元気でね (Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne; I Don’t Intend to See You Again, Take Care)
15. 太陽スキャンダラス (Taiyou Scandalous; Scandelous Sun)
16. Image
17. ちいさなほのお (Chiisana Honoo; A Small Flame)

After the first 17 songs had been played, SCANDAL left the stage. Fans didn’t wait a single moment before they chanted We Want More, which was quickly replaced by Encore, which is more often used in Japan during concerts. A little while later, the members of SCANDAL reappeared on the stage, having changed their shirts into concert tour shirts that they sold in a booth near the entrance of the venue.

Fans were so ecstatic by the encore that people outside could probably hear them scream in happiness. Haruna said a few words and then they began their encore. They started it off with a new instrumental called session.
18. Shoujo S

During SCANDAL BABY, all members, minus RINA got close to Haruna. Tomomi even put her head on Haruna’s shoulder. This earned a lot of adoring screams from the fans.

After the encore, the members thanked everyone for coming to their show, and Haruna introduced all members separately to the fans. They waves at the fans, some of the members, such as Tomomi, even touched the hands of the fans, before leaving the stage.

Image result for scandal yellow tour

I personally loved the concert. The fans were nice, the band was amazing, the sound was good and it was totally worth the trip to Amsterdam. I remember even foreign fans came to the Amsterdam show, which surprised me a little, but I can understand why they would travel to a different country: SCANDAL is scandalously good. The only thing I wondered is why Mami didn’t smile so much. I think I only saw her smile twice during the entire show. The other members were all visually more excited. I like all members, they seemed very nice and happy to be playing for their foreign fans.

Another thing I would love to add is that they actually took the time to take photos with fans who were still waiting outside the venue after the concert. Most artists don’t leave a venue through the front door, let alone take the time to stop where they are going – I assume they have a very busy schedule – and take photos with their fans. I remember hearing loud screaming coming from the door while I was waiting for my ride home, and then I saw people freak out.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

Photo: SCANDAL posing for photos with fans after their Amsterdam performance. 

JNL Team is very thankful for the opportunity given to us by B7Klan. We were very excited to see SCANDAL perform, and truly enjoyed the concert. We got to meet one of our readers there, as well, which was a great moment for us, too.

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