Fire Emblem: Fates, Conquest Review

So, you’re Nohrian Scum then? Good.

This review will include the Conquest version of Fire Emblem Fates, and follows the story of corrin joining Nohr. Conquest is seen as the ‘black’ version, and Nohr is described as the ‘evil’ country. In the Japanese version of the game, Conquest is called 暗夜王国 (Anya Oukoku), which means Dark Night Kingdom. Personally, I think the English title sounds cooler, and already hints at the whole plot of the story.

File:FEF Conquest NA&EU logo.png

Nohr is a country founded by humans loyal to the Dusk Dragon. The country is located west to Hoshido. Unlike Hoshido, Nohr suffers from poor weather conditions; the skies are often overcast and stormy, and the sun hardly shines there. This lack of sunlight caused a climate similar to tundra, and this causes poor crop yields and a lot of shortage of food. Most Nohrians remain indoors or underground, leaving only the rich or foreigners to actually travel above ground.

It is revealed that the royal siblings were forbidden by their mothers to speak with Azura or even go near her. They eventually tell her how bad they always felt about not being able to talk to her, and hope to build a better relationship with her in the future.

In Conquest Corrin remains Nohrian Scum and joins their Nohrian family in battle to conquer Hoshido. At first, Corrin is forced on mission by king Garon, which often includes a lot of killing. Despite not wanting to kill people, some of Garon’s most loyal generals follow Corrin in order to make sure the missions gets done and everyone dies. Corrin learns that Garon is no longer human, but instead possessed by something. Azura tells you that the only way to show others what Garon has become to have him sit on the Hoshidan Throne, a throne covered in magic that will show a person’s true self. Having no other way to explain the situation to his siblings – who will never believe him if he tells them what he found out – Corrin decides that the only way to convince Xander and the others is to conquer Hoshido and have Garon take the throne.

Conquest has a total of 28 chapters (29 if you count chapter 6 twice) and 14 paralogue chapters. This does not include the Hero Battles, which are linked to the Amiibos and the Xenologue chapters.

Conquest is based on most of the older Fire Emblem games, such as Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and more. It is also generally a lot harder than Birthright. One of the main differences is the grinding. In Conquest there are no options to grind your units unless you buy a DLC, meaning you can only get exp from the story chapters. This already makes it harder to train all your units properly, and leaves you to focus on a few units at a time, rather than try all of them. This kind of gameplay is similar to the older games I mentioned, where grinding was either nonexistent or limited (eg. arenas only appear in some chapters and can get your units killed permanently).

Like the exp, gold is also limited in Conquest, meaning you need to be careful with the weapons, staffs, items and skills you buy. If you don’t pay close attention to prices and the money you have, you might buy too many things too soon, and will be out of gold in no time.

There is also a lot more variation in the chapters in this version of the game. In birthright, most, if not all chapters, are Defeat Boss missions or Rout Enemy missions. Those are very easy to complete, especially with the option of grinding endlessly. However, in the Nohrian variant of the game, Seizing, defending, escaping and other goals are needed to win certain chapters. This makes the game a lot more fun, as you will need to think of different strategies and playstyles when trying to finish these chapters.

As I mentioned in the general review, I don’t agree with the general opinions on Corrin. While a lot of people think they’re bland and stupid – which in some cases they truly are – I can understand the feelings that Corrin has. For example, through the entire story, Corrin tries to stop the war between Nohr and Hoshido, and tries to talk things through with their Hoshidan siblings. While a lot of people find this foolish or dumb, because we know they won’t comply, doesn’t actually make it so. Corrin genuinely cares for the Hoshidan royals, but does what has to be done in order to show Garon’s true nature and kill him.

I talked about the story earlier in this review, and it’s very simple: You find out that Garon is no longer human but you can’t tell anyone, so you have to show them what he’s become. The only way to do that is to lie to Garon, carry out his orders to make him trust you, conquer Hoshido and get Garon to sit his fat ass on that throne and show the world his ugly, true self. Then you convince your siblings to help you kill the slimy thing and boom! Peace has been achieved.

It’s very simple, a bit annoying and nothing special. I guess it works, and it’s not super bad, but it’s nothing special either. I personally prefer this story to the Hoshidan story, as it’s a tad more complicated and you feel how Corrin struggles with having to kill a lot of innocent people, but it’s still nothing too interesting.

Something that really bothered me in Conquest was the voice acting. I’m not saying the voice acting itself was bad, but I feel some of the voices just didn’t seem to fit the characters at all.  I hated Camilla’s voice; I had expected it to be mature, but not so ‘old’ and raspy sounding, and I was expecting it to be sexier. It just sounds so weird.

Same for Nyx, who sounds like some child with a throat infection in some of her scenes. I know she’s supposedly cursed and stuck in a young body but her body is not that of a child, so why use such a young voice? A more mature voice would’ve fit her personality and design much better.

Peri’s voice personally bothered me a bit, but I do think it fits her character. I also feel that, while a lot of people might disagree, Felicia’s voice actually fit her character really well. I also loved Niles’, Xander’s, Elise’s and Leo’s voice actors, they all did a great job portraying the characters.

Speaking of the characters, I preferred the Nohrian royals to the Hoshidan royals. I remember feeling really bad when Elise and Xander died in Birthright, but I felt literally nothing when I had to fight any of the Hoshidan siblings. Don’t get me wrong, I do like them, but they didn’t really do it for me as much as the Nohrian royals.

I also really liked Niles, who is fabulous and so much fun. I wasn’t sure I would like him at first, but I ended up growing to love that guy. Keaton is fun as well, the others don’t stand out to me as much. I do have to mention that I believe Arthur is the child of Captain America and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and I’m not sure how I feel about this.

What I dislike, personally, is the Awakening characters in Fates, but that’s me. I mentioned this in my Birthright review as well, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I will never be able to like those specific characters. I liked them in Awakening, but not really in this game.

I like some of the designs in the Conquest version of the game a lot, but most of the female classes look ridiculous. I love the Outlaw design, and I think that Elise looks adorable. But what the hell is up with female cavaliers, wyvern-classes and for the love of God, who the hell thought that the female Fighter design was okay?

On a side note, however, precious Camilla will always be fabulous and Xander and Leo are too good to be true.

All hair Lord Curly and our precious Tomato!

(Cr. to for the gifs)

As in all Fire Emblem games, there is an option to have characters support one another. In Fates, these support conversations are triggered by having units fight together (either in Pair Up or by standing next to them). Once they have gathered a certain amount of ‘hearts’, these two characters will be able to support. Not all characters can support with each other, but ever since Awakening, the amount of supports each character is able to have has increased, meaning almost every character is able to marry nearly every other character in the game. This is probably done solely for the fanservice as well as the child units.

The Avatar is able to marry every person of the opposite gender in the game. In Conquest, however, if you’re a male Corrin, you’re able to marry Niles if you wish. Fire Emblem: Fates is the first game in the series that allows same-sex marriage, despite only allowing this for the avatar, and only with 2 characters in all games combined (one for Birthright, and one in Conquest).

In order to have two characters marry each other, you need to unlock 4 support conversations. The first support is level C, then B, then A and finally S. Each character can only S support one other character. Personally, I felt a lot of the supports – mainly the S-supports – were very cringe-worthy.  Most of the regular support conversations were fine; not too interesting, and hardly revealing of said character’s personality or backstory, but they were entertaining enough to read. I wish they stopped at the A supports, as the S-supports are just horrible. They’re so rushed, and so random and generally just so BAD that it makes you cringe. Most of them were very awkward to read.

In Conquest I decided to play a male Corrin just for the sake of marrying the overpowered, beautiful and fabulous Camilla. Yes, I did that. Why? Because I can. I mean, just look at her!

A lot of people hate Camilla. Either they hate that her design is literally just fanservice – which I totally agree with, it’s ridiculous – or they say her personality is bland. I agree that her obsession with Corrin is kind of creepy sometimes, but it is nowhere near Tharja level, in my opinion. I also truly believe that Camilla, despite this slight yandere vibe she sometimes gives me, is a great person. She’s generally a very loving woman, who adores all her siblings, is a good mother, kind to pretty much everyone and even somewhat open-minded for a Nohrian. Overall, she’s a pretty awesome human being, and on top of that she’s an amazing unit too. Her design is very over the top, but her hair and face are fabulous, in my opinion, and I’m totally fine with the boobs. Though the panties etc. are just… why?

Since Nohr is based on Europe, they have European based classes. Both Birthright and Conquest both have path-locked classes. In Hoshido you will find Pegasi, while in Nohr you will find Wyverns. However, when playing Birthright you will be able to get a wyvern rider from Nohr, while in Conquest you do not get any Pegasi. You do, however, get a ninja – Kaze, who is neutral and will join you regardless of the path you choose.

Something random I want to talk about before I end this review is that I feel the Nohrian royal family is quite similar to the royal family of Bern, in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. They both have a creepy, weird king, obsessed with power and willing to kill their child(ren) to remain in control of the kingdom. The King of Bern hired assassins to kill prince Zephiel. I feel that, in a way, all Nohrian siblings are similar to Zephiel – especially Xander – by how they all just want to be loved by their father, and despite their feelings do whatever they’re told out of fear and hope that one day, everything will be okay.

Zephiel and the Nohrian royals also both had mothers obsessed with their children getting the throne. Zephiel’s mother did anything she could to make sure that Zephiel would be king, whereas in Nohr, the concubines of king Garon would literally kill other concubines and their children to make sure that their own child would survive and get access to the throne.

Lastly, all of them greatly love their siblings. Zephiel held no hatred towards Guinevere, despite the fact that the king clearly hated Zephiel and loved Guinevere. The two were very close, and loved each other a lot. The Nohrian siblings are all quite close and stick together. They don’t blame each other for what their parents do, and all love each other a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed Conquest, more than Birthright, simply because of the variety in missions as well as the royal siblings appealing to me more. The story was okay, the characters were fine, and the gameplay is fantastic. I love the artwork, but dislike some of the designs greatly. The cutscenes were fun, as well as emotional in some scenes. The voice acting was quite decent as well, except for a few of the voices not matching the characters at all. I generally loved playing this game.

I highly recommend playing Birthright before Conquest if you’re new to the series, though I think long-time fans will enjoy Conquest more. It might not be up to the standards of some of the veteran FE gamers, but it’s certainly enjoyable and worth the try.

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