Pokémon Generations

Good news for all the Pokémon fans out there. After the success of Pokémon Go by Niantic, and the many announcements and teasers regarding the new Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’d think that it was impossible to get even more hyped. Well, we’re wrong.

They have something new for us in store. Nintendo has announced a new ‘anime’ series for Pokémon!  The series will be called Pokémon Generations, and will have 3-5 minute episodes. Every week, these short videos will be posted on youtube, the first coming out on December 23rd 2016.

All episodes will feature amazing moments from the games and anime we love so much, and all generations will be shown in this short series.

Watch the trailer for Pokémon Generations here:

This year is the year of Pokémon for sure. But we don’t mind that at all!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this Pokémon series? Will you watch it, or will you ignore them?


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