MV Review: LiSA – Brave Freak Out


M/V Song: Brave Freak Out

Artist: LiSA

Review by: Tris

On the 24th of August LiSA dropped her latest single Brave Freak Out. The single comes in 3 versions. There are two dvd versions, one of her own and one with an anime cover. The third version is the regular cd. All of them contain the same four songs, the limited editions (both her versions and the anime one) come with the music clip of Brave Freak Out. The version’s packages however have different goodies depending on which one you buy. For example the anime version has an mini poster while her own version had a booklet. So for the fans, it’s definitely a collector’s must have. The song Brave Freak Out is the opening for the anime Qualidea Code.

 I’m always a bit weary when I listen to Japanese music, some are happy summery and other are as dark as the night (nothing wrong with that, I like those too. It just surprises you). Before I started playing the music video I learned it was used as an anime opening song, which usually mean an upbeat, fast rhythm power song.
Seeing the first shot of LiSA all dressed black, with dark makeup on and a bright lollipop got me excited. It gives a mysterious feeling. The music video changes shot from her walking around and dancing. Including different looks. I’m not sure how to feel about the dreadlocks red hair, but I love her dance shot outfit.
The music video itself focuses on both the dancing and a shot of her walking in an basement alley. I think the simple look of the dance really makes it stand out. The right times are being used as a dramatic effect in the dance. Making it look so easy is also something I really like (mind you, I’m a stiff as a tree so perhaps its the point of difficulty view…)

I really like the clothing of the background dancers, just because of the straps that are floating around when they move. I can’t help it. LiSA has two outfits in this music video, the dark mysterious one with bright red hair and a more feminine one with a rock edge added on. The first outfit is mostly black leather with the jacket and the hood she wore. The jacket has a little see through fabric with fishnets. Other than that it’s oversized so it looks really big on her. I really love how she has a light skirt, that has enough layers to give a flowy effect and stand off against at the amount of black and blue background.  Her shoes are very simple and steady, nothing really special about that. The amount of mix and match she has, makes a perfect combination.

It doesn’t happen often in these reviews as most of the time, the time for an english translation takes along time or wont happen at all, but yay. The fans have been kind enough to make the english lyrics available through google. It’s rather clear that the direct translation of the lyrics isn’t used in the music video, I’m not sure if its cooperated in the dance, Im always blind to see those kind of art.
Reading the lyrics makes me think it’s written for the anime, and that makes it a little harder. I really like the lyrics though, they’re sort of inspiring.

Brave Freak Out won’t be in my top 10, but the song is nice to listen, if it would start playing randomly I won’t skip it either. I like the upbeat rhythm, the change of tunes when the chorus starts and the overall feeling you get for energy. I also think song will grow on me more so perhaps one day it will be in that top, but for now, love the song, enjoy watching the music video and secretly Im curious about the anime.

You can watch the music video here:

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