Dragon Ball Super Champa Arc

The third part of Dragonball Super is called the Champ Arc or the 6th Universe. While in the anime it’s the third part, in the manga it’s the second arc. This story continues after the battle of Freeza. Vegeta begged Whis to train him, after he saw Goku being the Super Saiyan God. During one of the visits on Earth Goku hears from Whis that Vegeta is training with them and wants to join. While they start a rough training. The planet that houses Beerus and Whis gets a visitor named Champa. Champa is Beerus his twin and with brother rival is the daily thing that happens between them. It’s not a surprise it ended up in a battle.

Episodes Arc: 28 – 41
Airing: Currently airing.
Opening: Excellent dynamic by Kazuya Yoshii
Episodes 26 – 36: Usubeni by LACCO TOWER
Episodes 37 – 49: Forever Dreaming by Czecho No republic

Personally the thing about Dragon Ball is, that you can enjoy the serie , even just to catch up some things. This arc is no different. I kinda feel like it’s a bigger filler up, as it’s kinda useless. Yes it’s always about saving Earth. But a battle tournament between universe sounds awesome, but knowing it’s a duplicate is boring. The saiyans are useless, Frost is also a creepy little cunt and yeah. We are told the Earth saiyans are the last. Well we found a new gene pool to fix that problem, without being a monkey…. Or is that just me? Also Frost using his poison to win battles, is one thing, but it felt so fillerstyled. I mean it was fun to watch, as you always wanna know how the battles go, who will win (eventually always Earth) and what is wrong with Gohan, my god! While I’m like Vegeta and agree with Gohan’s potential (looking back at the time chamber training with Cell) I was sad, he keeps choosing his life for working. When I saw him practising with Piccolo I got excited, sadly he choose a conference. GOHAN. Even your wifey was at that damn battle tournament! So yes, it’s sad. I hope that he will come back to fight.. I know he doesn’t like it, but for his family. Please!

Okay, back to control. Breath. Let’s talk about Vegeta! yes yes. The second he beat up that poor kid, ugh. My fangirl heart broke. I mean he isn’t the most emotional father figure but still, if you look at Bulma and Trunks, he has to be something right? Trunks adores him. And I really wondered how cruel he was, training Trunks. But in the end, he taught the little Saiyan from the 6th Universe how to become a Super Saiyan. Yay!

Now this sounds like I really didn’t like it to watch, but I did. It was enjoyable, it was exciting to see Vegeta being a Blue Saiyan and it was adorable to see Beerus using his wish to give his brother his own Earth. I think the highlights are what I named above and since it’s not a bad guy trying to destroy Earth the battle is also different. Yes Beerus threatened with destruction, but we all know he loves the Earth way too much for that, so that makes the threat a little useless. Also the use of Monaka. Can someone explain to me why it took everyone so long to realize? The strongest Z fighters can’t even read his Ki while they can from everyone else? And when they discover it, they panic.

Either way, the fights were nice, a little different from what we are used to but they were creative. Not a bad arc but not a favorite of mine, and I’m also not surprised they added in a lighter arc after The battle of the Gods and Freeza’s return.

I expect a similar style in the next few episodes as it’s a mini arc before the new Future Trunks arc.

Differences between manga and anime:
As we know, they always change a few things, for this arc it’s not different, a few highlights are: In the fight with Vegeta, Frost actually fights mostly without his needles. Frost also gets knocked out by him so much, while in the anime it’s Hit that stops him, from fleeing with the cube and the prize money. The next highlight is Hit. In the anime Goku goes through both saiyan god forms (the red one and the blue one) and Hit his normal power is equal to a super saiyan. His full potential is a Super Saiyan God. Also in the manga his time leaps power doesn’t increase.

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Reviewed by: Tris


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