Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is as an anime that revolves about zombies called Kabane. The Kabane are monsters that can’t be killed unless its heart is pierced. The heart is protected with a layer of iron, so simple bullets won’t do the job. They have taken over the world and the only way to for the people to live is behind walls that are called Stations. The only way to travel between the stations are special trains called hayajiro. Once a Kabane bites a human, this human will transform. The bitemark will get purple and spread through the body. The veins will glow red and the heart is also glowing.

The story starts off in one of the stations named Aragane Station. A young inventer tries to make an weapon that can kill the kabane. One day the hayajiro that is overrun by the Kabane crashes into the station, and hell is released on the Aragane station.


Title: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
English: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Japanese: 甲鉄城のカバネリ
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Release date:  April 8 2015 to
Status: aired.
Episodes: 25
Opening Theme:
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” by EGOIST
Ending Theme:
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” by EGOIST”
Ninelie” by Aimer with Chelly (EGOIST)
Review by: Tris

Ah man! I hate when I try out an ongoing anime and totally fall for it. Since we started JNL I told myself to wait with an anime until it’s been fully released, of course I had to break my own promise and look where it got me.. A friend recommended it and I thought to check it out and before I knew it, I had watched nine episodes and had to wait the past couple of weeks. So a few weeks later and here I am.

A lot of people are comparing this anime with Attack on Titan, however as I didn’t watch it, I don’t really care about that. The most important thing when I watch an anime for fun or for JNL is that it has to get me, and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri did that. The storyline is simple, surviving in an apocalypse. The concept isn’t new, not in anime nor in the normal movies or series but does that really matter? What I find annoying however is the lack of words I have to tell you why I like the anime. I just can’t. The story sucked me in, so bad that I got annoyed by myself with breaking the ‘don’t watch until finished’ rule, because the endings are always spot on with cliffhangers, as they normally are. I do think they should have taken their time to explain more things, like how did the monster that started the Kabanes appear, or how is it possible that some people can control it, while most of humanity becomes a Kabane themselves.
The story itself is quite simple, as their station gets destroyed and they travel by train and come across problems during along the way, nothing new, nothing special just very entertaining to watch. I think they used the episodes very well to show character development.

2-11Ikuma is a very annoying main character who dreams too big. He wants to fight the kabane, yet doesn’t physical train for it, instead he complains and tries to invent a weapon that can fight the war. All people have their thing, but don’t boost about how you wanna fight, if you are a scaredy cat. Unfortunately for him, he gets bitten and knows how to control the flow, which turns him into a Kabaneri. Which help him grow in along the series development. He wants to protect the people he cares about, even if they don’t trust him at first. His personality grows on you. He is smart enough to find solutions and also patient enough to let people adjust to new things, and he is hellbend on having everyone changing their thoughts about Kabaneri. In the end his inventions expand with weaponry, helping the humans to defend their own.

1_2Mumei. First impression, one ass kicking young lady, with a delightful attitude full of sass. Sadly very naive as we learn along the way. Nothing wrong with that, being brainwashed at a young age to be strong, I understand, but yeah. She is still strong and awesome but during her stay with everyone she softens up. One might argue that is only natural as she learned only one way to survive. And that was to be strong. So character development she has it, but I don’t like it. Her naive blindness to follow and believe Biba is something to pity, but she overgrows it. The innocent image fits her better but still the first impression won’t leave me.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_6ivdt7e94bcw808oc4w4sswks_focused_v3Ayame and Kusuru. I’m sorry, but I ship these cutie pies together. Especially when Kurusu start blushing while he is this awesome bad ass samurai. His task it to protect Ayame, and he does a great job of it. His friendship with Ikuma grows with every episode. I wasn’t sure what to think of Ayame in the beginning. Being used to a girl in almost every anime that tries to solve everything peaceful does that to you. And even though Ayame seems to be raised in a very protective way, she is smarter than she looks and not that naive. She thinks things through and knows a way to charm people. She will fight for her people and their lives and will make the best decisions.

img_1780Biba. Yes baddie talk! By now readers that have returned for my reviews know I usually am a fan of the badguy. And this time no different. However, so many questions are unanswered. I understand he is a Kabaneri. I understand he is one of the first. But how? How did he find out about it? More over, the people that follow him, are they all survivors of that battle? (I may have not payed not enough attention to it… please tell me if I missed it~) The second thing is why is he so angery. Okay killing your father for being responsible for everything, check I got it. By why all of the stations? Having everyone turned into a Kabane doesn’t seem like a very good idea… or fun for that matter, unless you want to practice shooting targets, but other than that. I wanna know what his plan was after destroying everything…

So in the end, those who are the main are still alive and still Kabaneri’s. Biba’s somehow had a change of heart while trying to kill Ikuma and the last train station has been brought to ruins. So far season 2 seems to only have rumors and no official release, but a lot of things are open now, there are no stations left, and they still live with the Kabane so no-one is safe either. I know I will be hyped up for a second season!

As I stated in the beginning, I don’t have a specific reason why I enjoyed this anime, making this review felt hard but I really wanted to do it. Story wise you can’t really make much out of it, as it’s mostly the same except the last couple of episodes which is the fight with Biba and Mumei being used by him. And the things you start to wonder about are left unanswered. But all in all the anime is good, the animation is very awesome, a really beautiful style. The voice actors are perfect for each character as well. And it’s not a very superficial anime either, they show the progress of how someone different can be accepted and how people react when afraid of someone and how most people will agree with the herd, and later change their mind, to see how someone really is and care for that same person. Overall, one lovely anime.

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