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August 2016 review.

File:NMB48 - Boku wa Inai Type A.jpg

Album/Single: 僕はいない (Boku wa Inai; I’m Not Here)

Artist: NMB48

Review by: Mariëlle

The girls from NMB48 are back with a new single called  僕はいない (Boku wa Inai; I’m Not Here). The single was released on August 3rd, and comes in five different versions! Four CD+DVD versions and one CD-only Theater edition. Boku wa Inai is the 15th single by NMB48, and has a total of 5 songs. The single ranked #1 on the oricon charts in the first week, and sold over 300,000 copies in that same week.

Each of the versions has different members on the cover, which brings each member into the spotlight a little. However, Watanabe Miyuki can be seen on more of the CD covers, as she graduated from the group in August 2016 as well. Every single song has an individual MV.

The first song is the title track: 僕はいない  (Boku wa Inai). The center here is Watanabe Miyuki. It’s a very catchy and sweet song, perfect for a nice summer evening. When listening to this song, you feel both happy and sad; happy because of the music and the summer theme, yet it’s sad because you know Miyuki is leaving. I always feel a little sad watching graduation videos, but despite this, I did really enjoy the video. The clothing was nice, and everyone looked great. The scenery was pretty as well, overall a great video.

There are two MVs for this song, a regular MV and a Dance version.

Watch the regular MV here:

Watch the Dance edition here:

The second song is called さやみるきー (Ima Naraba; If It’s Now). This song commemorated Watakabe Miyuki’s graduation from NMB48. It’s a coupling song by Saya Milky. This is a very beautiful song, and might leave some tears with fans. Even the video is sad, but shows great friendship and love between the two members. I really love this ballad.

Watch the video for Ima Naraba here:

The third track, 空から愛が降って来る (Sora Kara Ai ga Futtekuru; Love is Raisin Down from the Sky), is a catchy song. There’s a very sweet feeling to this song, and it will get stuck in your head easily. There were some parts in the song of which I felt they didn’t quite belong as well as others, but overall it’s a very nice song.

Watch the mv here:

Fourth on the list is 最後の五尺玉 (Saigo no Goshakudama; The Last Firework). This song reminded me a bit of Durian Shounen. It has a great summer feel, and is probably my favorite song on this single. I love how the voices of the members blend in together in this song, it’s fantastic.

Watch the MV here:

Last but not least there is 妄想マシーン3号機 (Mousou Machine 3Gouki; Daydream Machine 3). This song was a nice change of pace from the others, it’s a bit faster from the rest, and I like it a lot. The video is funny as well, so I recommend watching that as well.

Watch the MV here:

File:NMB48 - Boku wa Inai Theater.jpg

Overall, 僕はいない  (Boku wa Inai is a great single. It has different genres of songs, and is a really nice summer single. Some of the songs will probably make you feel a bit emotional, especially if you’ve been a fan for a long time, but don’t worry, the songs are worth the sadness. I think this is a great graduation single, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to try a new girlgroup, and for long time fans as well.

If you’re interested in buying NMB48’s new single僕はいない (Boku wa Inai; I’m Not Here), then click the links below:

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Sadly, I couldn’t find a link for you with the Theater Edition.

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