MV REVIEW: Kotoko and Altima – Plasmic Fire


M/V Song: Plasmic Fire

Artist: Altima and Kotoko

Review by: Tris

On the 23rd of July Accel World released its first movie Accel World Infinity Burst. Both Altima and Kotoko have worked on the anime before, Altima with the second opening and Kotoko as second ending. The title of the song is Plasmic Fire and was filmed in Macao, China.

I love it. End of the review. No joke. Okay a little one… The music video itself isn’t really special. It has beautiful locations from Macao, but other than location shots with both Altima and Kotoko walking around there is nothing. Not that it’s bad, and I enjoy watching the video, but the music is my instant love. This brings me back to the beginning when I started listening to J-pop. It’s upbeat, it’s funky and even has that old 80’s (might be a wrong era here) feeling to it. Disco era at least. The points where the song is a little slower fits perfectly. The build of the music is perfect and comes to an explosion when it’s the fastest. Whether you like the song or not, you can not resist to move along with the beat. It has the voices of both the ladies and rapping from Segawa, it all fits perfectly.

Their clothing style is really cool yet classy, Kotoko in white and Altima in black with silver. The accessories also fit perfectly and the second set of clothing is spot on. I love the ones the girls are wearing a little more. The glitter fabric looks a little weird on the men. Yaginuma gets off the hook with his jacket, but Sewaga, I’m sorry, that is a little to much. Love your glasses, though~

The single has four different versions. There is an Anime version, an Altima version (which uses only their songs) a Kotoko version (which has her songs) and the regular edition. The regular edition has four songs who are the same as the anime edition. The anime edition has the anime as a cover and comes with a cd and dvd. The cd contains four songs with one instrumental version of Plasmic Fire. The other two songs are Unfinished by Kotoko which was the second ending and Burst the Gravity by Altima, which was used as the second opening on the anime Accel World. The dvd has the music video, the making off. And a tv-spot of Plasmic Fire and the music video for Akuseru World -Infinitto Burst-.

You can watch the mv here:

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