JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

What is TMR (The Monthly Review)? At the start of every month JNL Team will pick a random album and/or single that was released in Japan and review it.

July 2016 review.


Album/Single: STARTING NOW

Artist: 水樹 奈々 (Mizuki Nana)

Review by: Mariëlle

 After approximately a year, the popular singer and voice actress, Mizuki Nana, has finally returned to the stage with a new single called STARTING NOW. The single was released on the 13th of July, 2016, and comes with three new songs for fans to enjoy. There is only one released version of this single.

Now onto the tracklist!

The first song on the list is the title track, STARTING NOW. This an energetic song, with some powerful beats. While the song is catchy and fun to listen to, it’s nothing special and hardly stands out from her older work, and I feel this won’t be a huge hit for Nana.

The theme for the video seems to be cheerleaders, and you can see all the back-up dancers, as well as Nana herself in special cheerleader costumes.

STARTING NOW was used as the opening theme for Kono Bijustubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! The Lyrics to the song are written entirely by Mizuki Nana, which is great. I love most songs she has written lyrics for, and while this song doesn’t stand out to me as much as others, such as Eternal Blaze, the song is by no means bad. It’s fun to listen to, and I hope she sings it live soon.

Watch the video for STARTING NOW here:

The scond song is called アンティフォーナ (ANTIFONA). Let me first explain the title to you, because I think it’s amazing. You see, Antifona is both a word and a name. It means ‘responsive’ or ‘musical accords’, and comes from the Medieval Latin and the Ancient Greek Antiphona. An antiphon is a devotional piece of music sung responsively.

As for the song itself, I absolutely love it. From the start of the song I got into it. The music is fantastic and fun, and Mizuki’s unique and cute voice makes it complete. I feel this would be a great song to hear live, and I can’t wait to see the crowd’s response to it. The chorus of this song is beautiful yet catchy and hold a soft power. This is my favorite song from the single.

ANTIFONA is the theme song for iOS/Android’s THE TOWER OF PRINCESS.

The final song on the single is 恋想花火 (Rensou Hanabi). Rensou Hanabi is the Nakau TV-CM song. It’s a beautiful song, in which Nana shows us the power of her voice. It starts off slow, and Nana sings quite softly and relaxed, and slowly gains a little more power. The song is something I would consider listening to when you’re taking a nice hot bath, or when you’re enjoying a warm summer evening. It’s such a nice summer song, despite not being super ‘happy’ or ‘fun’ like you’d expect a summer song to be. I strongly recommend listening to this when you want to relax and yet enjoy a summer-feeling.

If you’re interested in buying Mizuki Nana’s new single STARTING NOW, then click the link below:

Regular Edition

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