Lenses review: PinkyParadise Venus Eye Bright Red

Hooray! Our first review about colored contacts is out! Are you curious? Please read on. I ordered the Venus Eyes Bright Red contacts and after three weeks stalking the mailman, they have arrived. Let’s go.

totaal pakketje

I was surprised I didn’t have to pay taxes, I’m always a little scared of the taxes since they cost a lot, but I was prepared. I got a note that my parcel arrived at the postoffice instead, lazy mailman! But other than that no complaints about the delivery.

The parcel contained the contacts Venus Eyes bright red and Lychee eyedrops. The reason I ordered from Pinky Paradise is because I love the colors. This one looked the best to me, and I also like that they are prescription lenses and although my eyesight isn’t terrible, I enjoy seeing something. So for my first circle lenses I went with prescription lenses!


een om een

I noticed that the lenses are a little wobblier than the contacts I’m used to, and those are soft lenses. So that was a little weird but not bad. The texture is a little thicker and since it’s a little bigger than my normal ones I was a little worried, as I’m already in war getting those in. But I was surprised when my right lense just went in. Left took a little longer as I put in the wrong side, but because of that I learned how quick and easy they come out! I’m so amazed by that because normally I takes me a lot longer. However, my left eye doesn’t seem to get along with the lense very well. It doesn’t irritate my eye itself but the blinking is tough, it feels like the lenses are too thick, but battling my eyeliner for a perfect wing, made me forget for a second. The other thing and this is a personal choice I made not to do, is that my normal lenseshave a cylinder in it, so my sight is a little better. With the Venus Eye Bright Red I don’t have that, and I notice it, but since I made the choice to go for the color I can’t complain about that; That’s what you get for being a cheapie….

oog met lensen
A part of these lenses are clear, which you can see my natural green eyes with, but the edge is red and a little black and I personally think the color comes out great, is just the inner part, but thats the perfectionist in me nagging. I chose this pair for the color and the size. From afar you don’t really notice the green of my own eyes anyway and otherwise we just photoshop it right?

While writing and editing the photos, my left eye felt fine, so it takes a little while to get used to the contacts.


So overall I love them and I want more. For science of course!

If you want to try and buy these lenses yourself, you can buy them here!

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Review by: Tris


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